Wednesday, December 30, 2015

::Kimono Lookbook 2015::

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Looking back series part <3> : KIMONO LOOKBOOK 2015

One of my goals in 2015 was to wear a kimono at least twice a month. 
I was counting how many times I wore by looking through my camera roll, and it seems to be 22 times for now. I think I can call it an achievement since I didn't get any chance in rainy June this year.

So here are all the 22 looks from this year.
A couple of Yukata looks that I didn't write about on here. Except for them, I have each link put up here so that you can see the whole blog post.

Here we go :)

The very first visit to the Meiji shrine in this year.

The same kimono with a different obi for my family New Year luncheon.

Valentine's day shopping look in my mother's kimono.

Chemical colored kimono for a fun shopping day!

Citrusy look for my friend's wedding party.

Walking around in the modern city in something traditional.

Sakura (cherry blossom) viewing day.

Family luncheon to celebrate my uncle's birthday at Peninsula Tokyo.

A gorgeous wedding day for my friend from elementary school.

Smartphone Kimono.  :P

Wearing a yukata as a kimono.

My brand new yukata from Roccoya.

Fun night out with my friends to see one of the largest fireworks show in Tokyo.

These two looks in Lime Light yukata were for the yukata night party at a club in Tokyo.
I won the award for best dressed at the party! Yay!

A super fun dinner with my friends at home!

Funky stardust kimono look for VOGUE Fashion's Night Out 2015.

The best kimono I own to wear when autumn comes.

For a little party at my friend's apartment.

Kimono Rock look in a zigzag kimono.

Casual look in pink zouri.

Christmas colored kimono!

Which one is your favorite????

Wearing a kimono became an essential part of my life!
My love for kimono will continue and grow bigger in next year :)

This is my last blog post in 2015.
Thank you everyone for dropping by and reading!

Enjoy the rest of 2015 and see you in the brand new year, 2016!


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Monday, December 28, 2015

::Lookbook 2015::

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Looking back series part <2> : LOOKBOOK 2015

Throwback to each blog on my OOTDs in 2015 :)

Click on the link to see the full blog post on each look.

One day in cold winter when we had a lunch by Enoshima beach.

One of my favorite rompers.

On the first week of May, we went to see beautiful wisterias in Ashikaga.

A weekend in Nikko.

Simple look for a lunch date with my friend.

Casual day in my favorite T-shirt.

My very first experience at EDM festival.

Finally got a backpack I would use everyday!

My birthday look with the beautiful skirt :)

Another favorite romper with warm fox fur stole.

Sophisticated dinner look in black and white.

Is there any look that you would try?

Thank you for dropping by!


Friday, December 25, 2015

::Hairdo Album 2015::

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Looking back series part <1> on hairdos in 2015.

Ever since I started wearing kimono, there were many opportunities to try different hair styles (mostly updos) with my super long hair.

You can jump to the original blog post by clicking each link below.

One of my favorite hairdos I can do in like 5 mins for any occasion!

Recently I had my hair cut and got bangs for the first time in 10 years.
Now I'm used to this look and thinking about staying this way for a while.

I was looking through my camera roll and didn't seem to have many close-up photos on my make up. When my bestie came back from the states, she got me these color crayons from Sephora. I've been using them for eye makeup recently.

Vivid pink cat eye look by using one of the crayons.

For hairdos, I've been using this curling wands by NuMe.
I bought this online before I went to visit Portland about a year ago, and brought them back to Japan. Most of curling irons in Japan have clips so these wands without a clip make it faster for me to set my hair.

Since I have bangs now, there might be more different styles that I can try next year?

Thank you for reading.