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Thursday, September 14, 2017

::City of Art::

日本語ver. → こちら

Hi, I'm back from Portland, OR! 
It'd been about two years and a half since I visited there last. It was so awesome to be back for my sister's wedding.

After the 9 hour long flight, 

I took the light rail train called MAX to downtown Portland to see my friend.

The center of downtown Portland, Pioneer Courthouse Square.
I was expecting the weather to be sunny and clear but there was a huge forest fire and ashes made the sky so smoky.
For the last couple of days during my stay, the air got much clearer and the weather was so nice.

My friend took me to Zeus Cafe for lunch.

They have deeeelicious egg benedict♡
I couldn't finish it cause my stomach felt kinda weird from jet lag. 

But who can resist beer from famous micro breweries in Portland?
For dessert, my friend took me to his favorite chocolate place, called Cacao. Have you ever tried "Drinking Chocolate"???

It is literally drinking chocolate. Thick melted chocolate in a espresso cup. 
It's really smooth, sweet and a little bit fruity. They come with different flavors such as mint and spices. 

Inside the cafe was really quiet and relaxing.
They also have chocolates made in Portland, so this place is a good place to shop for souvenirs. 

I realized there are many pieces of wall art everywhere in the city. 

Last time I was here, it was raining so hard and I didn't have much time to explore how much the city had changed. It was nice to look around and be a "tourist" during my stay.

Another fun place my friend took me to was "Punch Bowl Social" located at Pioneer Place. 
It's a huge pub with an arcade, pool tables, table tennis, karaoke etc...
You can even watch soccer games and football games at the same time at their counters. It was such a cool place. 

We should have a fun hang out with my friends next time I'll be there.

More from my trip to Portland coming up soon :)
Including my kimono look for the wedding!

Thank you for reading!


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