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Monday, July 24, 2017

::Punk Twist::

日本語ver. → こちら

Another side swept hairdo for lob to long hair♡
I've been growing my bangs to frame my face line, but it hasn't been that long yet. Side swept look at least hides one side of my face so I feel more photography-safe. :D

Details of my previous "Circus" look are HERE

Simply twisted and pinned.  It's easy to recreate this look.

Start with curled hair.
Separate hair on one side into 5-6 sections, twist them upward tightly and pin each section with 2 crossed pins. 
I made hair on the very top into a pompadour. 

Pins don't fall out when they are crossed with each other. I was out for about 10 hours with this hairstyle but never had to fix it.

If you want it more voluminous on the other side, back combing the root of hair might help and it would make the look more stable.

Give it a try!

Here are other 2 looks with my lob hair↓

(May 2017)

(Jun. 2017)

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