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Thursday, April 12, 2018

::Oriental Flowers::

日本語ver. → こちら

After cherry blossom season in Tokyo, I still got a chance to see beautiful ones in full bloom in a small gallery in Omotesando last weekend. 

Hiromitsu Kato, a friend of mine had his exhibition at Gallery Concept 21 for a week. I went to see it in kimono.

His signature style of art is these beautiful cherry blossoms.

Small petals painted with layers and different pigments made from crushed minerals.
It is always fascinating to see details of his painting.

I wanted to wear this kimono before the weather gets too warm for it. 
My newest kimono I bought around the end of last year. 

Pansies in reversed colors.

And I changed the inner collar to the right one with wild flowers printed in light lavender base.

I don't know which flower this is.... but I paired this one to match the color of the kimono.

Hairdo of the day.

He has one exhibition in every 6 months. Last time was in last October and I went to see it also. He knows I love kimono and he was there in kimono when I went to see him last time. 
So in return, I wanted to show myself in kimono this time.

He and his wife were very happy to see my kimono look matches the atmosphere of his art. So she took some photos of me looking at them.

One of my dreams is to have one piece of his art hanging on the wall of my place.

I heard the theme of his art will be totally different at his next exhibition. So I'm so excited to see the new style of his creation.

Another look with the same obi↓

(May 2016)

First look in the same kimono↓

(Jan. 2018)

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