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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

::ancient mood::

日本語ver. → こちら

Another kimono look in February with the same collar and zouris from the last post. 
My metallic pink zouris are my favorite pair I want to wear in late winter and spring. 

This time, my eye lids are in cherry blossom as well.

Black kimono with ancient motifs and a red lining. 

Reversible obi with circles and stripes in the matching colors.

A little accent of deep green between the kimono and the obi.

Hand painted collar in cherry blossom.

and a galaxy glass obidome that totally matches with the kimono.


Asymmetrically tied obi on my back with the deep green peaking out from the side.

What I love about this kimono is deep antique red of the lining.
It comes out to make a statement of the total look when I walk.

Here are two other looks in the same kimono☆↓

(Feb. 2016)

(May 2017)

Thank you for reading!


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