Wednesday, May 16, 2018

::Cherry and Lime::

日本語ver. → こちら

My friend and I spent great time together at the beautiful home of the Japanese artist, Hiromitsu Kato.

With Hiromitsu san :)

Their lovely house has many of his art pieces. 

Last month, I went to visit his exhibition wearing a kimono and his wife, Tomoko, invited me to their house to give her a small kimono pairing lesson. 
The blog post about the exhibition is HERE

I should've chosen to wear something quiet for visiting somebody's house, but chose this flashy look for the lesson.

Bling bling☆

It was such a warm day. 
The normal tabis (socks) were too thick to wear outside, so I wore lacy ones.

After looking through Tomoko's wardrobe and giving her my own original tips for kimono pairing, we helped her get dressed in one look that I picked.

It was so much fun looking at somebody else's kimono collection.

There is a beautiful tea space in their living room and the kimono look matched perfectly with it. 

Yukari wore her mother's beautiful Shiro-Oshima :)

Tomoko's daughter made us some traditional green tea. 

They also cooked dinner for us and we had so much fun talking and drinking some sake together. 

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Kato for the awesome day. 
Hope to see you again soon!

Two other looks in the same kimono↓

(Mar. 2016)

(Dec. 2017)

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