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Thursday, February 22, 2018

::Sakura Feather::

日本語ver. → こちら

The weather has been super cold and windy for the last couple of weeks. But the air smells a bit of spring on sunny days. 
Before spring comes, I dressed myself in cherry blossom colors for my friend's birthday party last weekend.

Viridian color as cherry blossom leaves. 
Weaved fern leaves as light feathers★

Arabesque obi in creme beige.

Hand painted collar in cherry blossom. 

Instead of obiage, I used this big silk scarf by VONSCHWANENFFLÜGELPUPKE

Shiny cherry blossom zouri♡

Little signs of spring in my kimono look.

It is getting warmer during the day, so I went out to the party with only a wool scarf around my neck. 
Spring is just around the corner. Looking forward to the warm blooming season!

Two archive looks in the same kimono↓

(Feb. 2017)

(May 2016)

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