Wednesday, December 28, 2016

::Steel Blue::

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How was your holiday?
I had a wonderful night with amazing people on Christmas Eve.

Lots of Santas came to celebrate at the party.

There wasn't any dress code but I wrapped myself in my new plain kimono.

A polyester kimono in steel blue.

Added some sparkly holiday feel with this obi.

Dizzy scarf (obiage) by Roccoya


I carried my Alexander Wang bag.

The obi is really soft so it was a little harder to create this big ribbon on my back.
But I didn't wanna look too flashy with the mish-mash tie I always do so wanted to keep it look compact like this.

Fox fur in light blue instead of a jacket this time.

(Actually I wore a raccoon fur tippet instead of this fox fur to the party.)

A quick coffee break before the party.
At the cafe with a cool graphic on the wall.

This is actually my very first and only polyester kimono I currently own. 
It's nice not to worry about it getting stained or dirty at parties or clubs where people are dancing like crazy. LOL

On Christmas day, I baked some homemade apple pies with the apples my mom sent me a couple of months ago. 

It was such a nice and calm holiday this year.

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Monday, December 26, 2016

::Lookbook 2016::

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Summary post of 2016 vol. 2★
I was looking through my photo album today and realized I was basically wearing only blue and black this year.
That's probably because I spent more time on the beach during this spring and summer for surf lessons and it made me wanna wear something beachy than usual. 

Lucky I didn't get so tanned from surfing. Thank to my whitening beauty items!

My favorite chesterfield coat in powdery blue.

(Jan. 2016)

This is the dress from agris that I kinda regret not ordering at the preview event. The cutting around shoulders is so beautiful.

(Mar. 2016)

Another seasonal preview event I went to this year.

(Apr. 2016)

Got some new summery items in my wardrobe as well.

Caftan is one of the most comfortable item to wear for beach days.

(Jun. 2016)

I had these beautiful photos taken by a fashion photographer.

(Oct. 2016)

And the most recent post on my black and white look.

(Dec. 2016)

Kimono Lookbook 2016 is going to be up after the New Year★

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

::Butterfly Lace::

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In my previous post, I wrote about my shopping day at FKI exhibition. (the post is HERE)
I was debating whether or not to get one of the lacey jackets made by agris and CHOKO that go with kimono or any clothes. And yes, I got one!

Here is my first kimono look with the lovely jacket♪

This is the photo of us trying it on, shot by the designer, CHOKO :)

Inside of this beautiful jacket, I wore.....

Batik patterned kimono. (Omeshi)

And this collaged obi also designed by CHOKO :)

PURPLE LEOPARD around my waist.

I always do the mish-mash tie whenever I use this obi. But I tried creating a big ribbon this time.
I love how it looks with many colors like this.

Spacey zouri from Otsuka Gofukuten

Inner look.

I went to Meiji shrine to refresh my mind before this year ends. 
This shrine is the popular place to visit for foreigners as well and there were so many tourists on this day.

Love the beauty of silence.

Red leaves.

While I keep myself busy in Tokyo, some peaceful moments are necessary for me to keep my balance. This place is one of my favorite places to visit once in a while.

Here are 2 of my other looks with the same kimono and obi ↓

(Feb. 2016)

(Apr. 2016)

Christmas is just around the corner.
Hope you will have great time with your loved ones!

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

::Hairdo Album 2016::

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The first summary blog on hairdos for this year.
I didn't do many new looks this year but tried making a couple of tutorial blogs.

Since I had bangs through out the year, it felt much easier to set up my hair.

Click each link below to jump to the original post.

This pigtail flip updo is one of my favorites that I can create in like 5 mins.
I didn't uploaded a how-to blog for this kimono look but I did make a tutorial blog a little later. 

Since pigtail flip updo is super easy, I added "how to make a loose bun" to this post.

(Feb. 2016)

I love how fishtails look with super long hair like this one.

(Mar. 2016)

Dutch braid, roll into a bun like a snail, and done.

(Mar. 2016)

My favorite hairdo with easy steps.

(Apr. 2016)

Just combining two large messy buns.

(May 2016)

Advanced version of pigtail flip updo.

(Jun. 2016)

Simply two dutch braids and a bun.

(Aug. 2016)

I had my hair chopped to this length in the middle of this summer. 

Combination of pigtail flip and fishtails.

(Sep. 2016)

Here is the year 2015 version if you are interested↓

::Hairdo Album 2015::

All of the hairdos I do can be created by easy steps!
Try them for the upcoming holiday and the New Years parties!

Thank you for reading.


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