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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

::Spring Footwear::

Since I'm not allowed to wear any sneakers at work,
it has been one of the lowest priority to get myself a pair.
And last week, I was wandering in a huge department store nearby my workplace,
and found these on sale.  :)

Ash has a variety of these kind of sneakers.
I also love their boots and sandals.
These models are from last year but I fell in love with the combination of silver and green.

These little ones are from H&M.
I bought this pair for only 899 yen. (about US$9)


Friday, April 25, 2014

::Osaka trip day 2::

日本語ver. HERE
We didn't have anything planned for the second day of our trip.
The huge aquarium is just about 15 mins away from USJ,
so we took a little ferry.

Breakfast at the hotel
They had freshly baked croissants.

This one seemed to be sleeping and having some dream...

Think this one was sleepy....
I watched him/her for a couple of minutes,
s/he fell asleep and almost drowned him/herself.
Couldn't help taking a photo... :p

Osaka is famous for the traditional dish called "okonomiyaki". (refer Wikipedia)
This restaurant "Ajinoya" is one of the most popular places,
we waited for about 30 mins before they got us seated.
Their okonomiyaki is the best that I've ever had.

We also had "Takoyaki" for dinner the night before.
This is one of my favorite Japanese food. 
Tastes similar to "Okonomiyaki" but they are shaped like ping pong balls
with octopus inside.

After we walked around Umeda area for a couple of hours,
we decided to head back to Tokyo.
The taxi driver told us to get steamed buns at 551 Horai as souvenir.

Osaka full of yummy stuff!
2 days are not enough to try all of them.
Better plan another trip there sometime.

Thank you for reading.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

::first time at USJ::

日本語ver. HERE
First time at Universal Studio Japan! 
They just announced that the new huge area of Harry Potter is going to open on July 15th.
We decided to come here before this place is going to be crazy 
with too many people coming to visit the new area.

A little "walk of fame"
I found the one of Audrey Hepburn.

JAWS...It's a shame I've never seen this movie...
but I enjoyed this attraction which made me jump.

Pizza lunch with beer.

With a yellow cab in New York area.

The weather was perfect :)

I felt a little bit dizzy after I got shaked by all the crazy attractions,
such as.... Hollywood Dream Ride (Back Drop) and Space Fantasy the Ride.
If anyone is planning to go there, don't ride these after you eat something.
Believe me they make you sick and waste the food you eat.

The view from my hotel room at night.
The entire park looks kinda small from top.

You can already see the Hogwarts castle from outside of the park.

It was a long day since I got up at 4:30 in the morning to leave Tokyo.
But it was sooo much fun.

To be continued to Osaka trip day 2....

Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

:: Again on Mt. Takao ::

Last weekend with my favorite couple on Mt. Takao.
They came over to my place and slept over the night before,
and we got up at 6 am even though we kept talking until 2 am.

This time, cherry blossoms are in full bloom! 
I was so impressed by beautiful views.

We did almost everything we can do there.
Passing this little gate after making a wish,
eating sweet rice cakes, hearing monks sing Heart Sutra, etc.....

The sky was a little bit foggy this day, 
we didn't get a sight of Mt. Fuji.

We had Soba noodle lunch at the same place I did last time.

Beautiful camellias.

Foot bath after a hike.

Since the weather has been getting warmer these days,
more people come here on weekends.

They open a beer garden during summer,
maybe next time we will come here by train for a beer party.

Thank you for reading,

Friday, April 11, 2014

::accessory matching::

My favorite accessories for this spring.
nechlace : Zara

earrings : forever21

and my favorite book to read these days.
"Bridget Jones : Mad about the Boy" by Helen Fielding.
This was the third one of the series.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

::The Professor::

Last Friday was unforgettable!
I was looking forward to seeing Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Playing the Orchestra 2014" concert
at Santory Hall Roppongi, Tokyo.

He is one of the greatest contemporary music composer from Japan,
and the pioneer of electro music as a member of YMO.
He is known as Kyo-ju (meaning a professor in Japanese).
Many of his works are used for movies, commercials and TV shows.
I always wanted to see this concert since I found out I missed this last year.

The view from my seat was great.
You can hear sound flies beautifully from the stage.
Famous pieces of his "The Last Emperor" and "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence"
were breathtaking.
The entire show was too great to let myself blink.

The entrance of Santory Hall.

I already can't wait to see him play again.
Live music definitely nourishes my inspiration.

Thank you for reading.


Monday, April 7, 2014

::Beautiful Japanese Spring::

Cherry blossoms in full bloom!
You can enjoy these blossoms only a week in a whole year,
so making time for this is so much worth.

These at Yasukini shrine and Chidori-gahuchi were lit up like this.

So many food & drink stands are set around this time of a year.
We just sat here and had casual dinner with sake :)

Grilled scallop, my favorite!
This place is close to the biggest fish market in Tokyo.
Their seafood is so great.

Maybe on the boat next year?


Friday, April 4, 2014

::French and Italian cuisine for cheap :) ::

Had a great dinner at Oreno Italian & French in Aoyama.
This place is always full of people and hard to make reservations.
The reason is you can have rich French and Italian dishes for really reasonably price.

Sparkling wine is poured in a long glass.

Chefs cooking right in front of you.

Grilled lobster for 1280 yen (US$11)

Foie gras and beef steak also for 1280 yen.

Everything we had this time was soooo good.

Why they can do this is that we eat around tall tables without sitting down.
There are some tables for reservations that we can be seated,
but reservations are really hard to make.

This place is always like a buffet party,
and people come and go often like a bar or pub.

Girls should definitely avoid wearing high heels to come here :P
But their dishes are so good that I will try to make a reservation next time.