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Thursday, October 1, 2015

::Leopard & Snake::

日本語ver HERE

The weather is still warm and humid in Tokyo when the sun is up. 
I have this dress with a turtle neck last year but didn't know the right time to wear it since it has short sleeves.
The highest temperature of this day was around 25 degrees C, but I tried wearing this all day wondering if it was going to be too warm around my neck.

Dress : DIESEL
Booties : Forever21
Backpack : Papillonner

I added a long sleeve tee underneath it when I went to Enoshima beach for lunch in Jan. 2015.
The blog post on that day is HERE 

My very first backpack since I was in school....
I like the details made of water snake leather.

These genuine leather booties from Forever21 have these big chunky heels which make it easier to walk around for a long time.

It was actually too warm around my neck while I was inside of a building or a house, but when it gets cool at night, I didn't need any jacket cause my neck was warm :)

I put away summer sandals and got my quick shoe selection booth (well, it's just the door area at my place.) ready for fall and winter. 

Thank you for reading.