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Monday, October 26, 2015

::Home Party Look::

日本語ver. HERE

My friend was having a wine tasting party at her place last week.
I asked one of the hosts if I could join them in kimono and her answer was "Of course!!". So I did a quick change at my office after work.

Since it was a home party, I tried not to be too flashy.

I chose the very first kimono I bought last year with crane motif.

Paired with these beautiful brand new zouris. 
These straps are made of dyed deerskin.


I wore this kimono about a year ago.
The blog post about that day is HERE

The party was so much fun with tasty food.

She recently founded a company which deals with imported organic wines from South Africa.
We learned a bit about South Africa and the story behind the wines that are produced there.
Cape Town is now added to my list of the cities I want to visit someday.

She brought 12 different wines from the winery she's been working with. 
Once you know the each story of the wine, it tastes so differently. 

The party started around 7 pm and the time passed so quickly.
I met some new people there and it was so much fun.

Thank you for reading.