Thursday, June 11, 2015

::Digital Look::

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The weather is getting too warm to wear a kimono. 
One of my favorite kimono designers had an event at her atelier the other day last month, and I got this hitoe kimono out from my closet.

"Hitoe" is a kimono without a lining. It is traditionally worn in June and September when the weather is too warm to wear "Awase = kimono with a lining" but not so hot as summer.
Since the climate is getting warmer year by year, there is a tendency of choosing which one to wear depending on the temperature of the day except for any formal occasions.

I chose a hanhaba obi in matching colors with the kimono this day.
"Hanhaba" means half-width in Japanese. The width of this obi is half (about 15 cm) of a nagoya obi. This is why it is called "hanhaba". Normally worn for casual occasions.

Total look.
I put a photo of this look on Facebook the other day, and someone commented "The motif looks like smartphones! I like it!". I didn't see that until I read that comment!
So this look is named "Digital Smartphone Look" from now on.

At a shopping event, I chose two out of this beautiful accessory box.
Which one would you pick?

The weather was so beautiful this day. 
After shopping at the event, I saw one of my friends in Jiyugaoka and had a beer party until late at night. It was so much fun!

Thank you for reading.