Thursday, April 23, 2015


Last Saturday turned into one of most memorable days.
Family on my mother's side planned on a surprise birthday luncheon for my uncle.
We, except for my uncle, gathered at Peninsula Tokyo an hour prior to the reservation time,
and got ready for the small surprise.

The huge piece of art at the lobby.

The chandelier is gorgeous! It was my first time to visit this hotel.

For this occasion, I chose to wear my Edo-Komon (江戸小紋).
Edo-Komon is more formal than komon I wear in town like HERE and HERE.

This pattern is called "Same" or "Kawari- Same".
Same is a Japanese word for sharks.

The obi I wore this time.
Though edo-komon is very traditional, 
this obi gives the total look the modern taste.

My cousin made a reservation at the restaurant called "PETER", on the 24th floor.
This private room is named "the NEST".

Table for 12 of us :)

Around noon, my uncle came into the room with my cousins.
We pulled these crackers at him. He never expected us in the room!

The reason why his 58th birthday is special for us is,
my grandfather (his father) passed away at age of 57 for heart attack.
We all wanted to celebrate him for passing the age and wish for even happier future ahead.

The meal was awesome as well!

After dessert, my cousin who is an amazing violinist played beautiful pieces for us.

It was such a gorgeous time with my whole family I love!

The view from balcony was amazing too.

It was such a nice Saturday.
I'm so happy to have such a happy family.

We don't see each other that often but I always look forward to seeing them every time.

Happy birthday, my uncle :)

Thank you for reading.