Friday, August 29, 2014


HANABI is what we need for summer in Japan.
from around the end of June to mid September,
I hear people going to see fireworks festivals everywhere.
Last weekend, they had one of the biggest fireworks ceremony in Tokyo in my neighborhood.
I invited my friends to see it together.

I was holding a can of beer in my hand to drink during the ceremony,
but my eyes were stuck with the beautiful artworks in the sky for the whole hour,
and couldn't finish it.

I didn't know we could see it this close.
We felt cinders falling onto our heads.

These incredible artworks went on for an hour.

I think I was most excited in this summer.
It was just beautiful and made me love summer in Japan even more.

My friends were amazed too and we promised to come here again next year.

Summer is almost over,
I will miss you, summer.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

::Good Luck::

日本語ver. HERE

Last Friday, a friend of mine left for the states to study English 
at the same college I went to.
After seeing her off at Narita airport with her family, 
I dropped by Narita Temple to pray for her challenging and successful year in a new environment.
Narita Temple is crazy crowded for new years,
there were just a few people visiting here because it was a weekday afternoon.

The entrance.

Old street.

Stairs to the main temple.

Straw sandals :))

It was so hot to explore all the area of the temple.
The whole entire area looks really peaceful and calm.
I now know why all the people come here for new years.

Here is the link to Narita temple's HP↓(in English)

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Monday, August 25, 2014

::Something Old::

日本語ver. HERE

Japanese traditional haute-couture, Kimono.
The beautiful kimonos are supposed to be passed on to daughters from their mothers.
This is what I love about it.

Kimono looks really simple when you see someone wearing it,
but wearing it by yourself takes a lot of practice.
Kimonos usually don't have darts to express curves of your body.
It is like wrapping a bottle of wine with a piece of square paper.

I found this image online explaining the parts of kimono.
I've been taking lessons to learn how to wear it by myself,
and my grandmother and mother also learned it when they were at my age.

Since kimonos are such expensive dresses, 
I asked my mother if she has some that she won't wear anymore.
Treasure hunting begins :)

High class kimono (called Houmongi) wearable for weddings and formal parties.

Flowers drawn on smooth silk texture.

Obi that was made for this kimono.

Another gorgeous Obi for formal occasion.

Komon; semi-formal and casual kimono.

Obi with cranes.

I love this modern designed coat!

Oshim-tsumugi, this is made of super high-class texture.
Can't believe she hasn't worn this yet.
This is such cool motif.

Obi that reminds me of the beautiful sunset.

Another kimono with Asian pattern.

and.... more!

Thought kimonos can be more old-fashioned,
but actually it was not true.
I was so excited to see beautiful and gorgeous textures and patterns.
Lot of inspirations :)

Can't wait to wear them!

Thank you for reading.


Friday, August 22, 2014

::Summerbreak 2014::

Many who live in Japan take summer break on Aug.13th-15th. 
I took these days off and went for a long road trip with my parents this year.
My parents live in Nagano but their parents' homes are located in Fukui and Hyogo.
We drove all the way to visit our grandmothers.

The night I went back home in Nagano.
The most exciting thing about going home is her, Myako.
She was being so grumpy that night and didn't like my warm greeting tho...

Our road trip began the next early morning.
First stop : Fukui.

It is our tradition to visit our ancestor's grave every summer,
and have a huge watermelon.

After a night, we took an early morning drive over to Hyogo.

A quick breakfast break at a local cafe.

Mixed fruit juice was sweet and nutritious :)
This day, my uncle was planning on having a big birthday party at night 
for my grandmother's 80th birthday.
Family on my mother's side all gathered in Himeji-city to have a wonderful dinner.

On the way to the dinner.

Table for 12 :)

Next day, my cousins and I went to Takeda Castle Ruins.
It was supposed to look like a castle in the sky like this photo below,
but when we almost got there heavy rain and storm hit us.
We got soaking wet on top of this castle!

Photo I took at the ruins.

My parents and I left my grandmother's place next early morning
and had 9 hours drive back to Nagano.

Since we left the house empty for 3 days,
it seemed like she needed a lot of attention.
She was sleeping on top of my belly for a while :)

My mother and I had a nice chatting time on the last day of my summer break.
Everytime I go back to Nagano and have some time, 
I visit my friend's salon to have my hair colored and cut.
I got my hair back in black again.
This feels more like myself.

Though it was a busy sleepless summer break,
quality time with my family was nice. 

How did you spend your summer holidays this year?

Thank you for reading!