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Thursday, August 27, 2015

::Okami Look::

日本語ver. HERE

My yukata look for the Moroccan home party last weekend.
This might be the last yukata look this year since the weather is getting autumny these days.
I chose to wear this beautiful striped yukata.

This is my first look in the same yukata from the other day. 
For the details for this look, please take a look HERE.

I tried to keep everything simple this time to look like Okami.
Okami is a name for a hostess or proprietress of a Japanese-style restaurant.

Galaxy Obidome.

Simple ribbon tie.

In those days everyone was wearing kimono, housewives put these swingy sleeves away like this to do house works.

This style made it so much easier to prepare Moroccan dinner for my friends who came over to my place :)

Our little party was so much fun!
The post on the whole menu is HERE if you are interested.

Thank you for reading!