Wednesday, February 26, 2014

::deco-rolled cake::

My friend and I went to learn how to make these cute rolled cakes :)
This is AMAZING★ and sooooo much fun!

These colors are made by green tea, cocoa powder, and natural food coloring.

Drawing process before baking  :D
Isn't this good for the first time?

After cooling it down.... roll it!!

Our teacher had so many papers and ribbons ready for wrapping :)
This is so great as a gilt or for parties. tastes so great that I couldn't believe I made it!
Now I don't have to buy any expensive rolled cakes from pastry shops★

I had never been so amazed by cooking lessons like this! 

Home baking is getting easier and super fun for me :D

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Friday, February 21, 2014

::all-u-can-eat weekend::

My last weekend was full of food!
Since it snowed really heavily in Japan last Friday,
I couldn't head out to town on Saturday for window shopping.

I had quality time with my mother who were stuck in Tokyo
because no train or bus was running back to her home.
We went to a cafe just 5 mins away from my place for breakfast.

Sunday, the weather was warmer and snow eventually melted...
I went out to Shibuya and found this famous cro-nuts (croissant doughnuts) place
and got these for tea time.

My man and I went to see "American Hustle" in Daiba.
It was a little bit long for me but I liked it.

Dinner at a Japanese style bar.
They had Dassai sparkling (rice wine) that was sold out everywhere else.
This brand got really famous in NYC and probably you know it too?
I used to not like sake that much,
but this one tastes really good :D

The sky was really clear after crazy weather...
Love this view.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Black & Grey ::Ready-to-Wear Collection 2014 FW::

Alberta Ferretti

I've been watching news of 2014 RTW collections from NYC, London and Milan.
and love toned black looks with lace and glitter.

Sister by Sibling

love the balance of lightness and floral

Andrew Gn
 lace makes all-black look three-dimentional

huge flowers printed in grey

 lacey shoulders and seductive legs :)

I also loved the similar look in white.
great combination of masculine leather and feminine silhouette

Which one is your favorite??


Friday, February 14, 2014

::Happy Valentine's Day::

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!
Last night, we had a little Valentine party at home.
I got a new really really easy recipe of Gateau Chocolat last week,
and this is sooooo amazing!

Just put all the ingredients except for chocolate blocks in a food processor
and run it for 20-30 seconds.
Pour it into a pan and press "cake" menu of my induction heater.

After about...30 mins, its ready to serve!
Melted chocolate on top is sooooo good :)

Today, I brought some chocolate boxes for my bosses and co-worker.

Chocolate coated almonds and lemon peels inside those green boxes.
These are from François Doucet

Chocolate balls with Japanese motif for my co-worker.

Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

::must-see list:: heart warming love stories

Watching movies and having imaginary trips in my mind is
my way to spend time alone.
Motion pictures have given me so many inspirations and 
shown what is/was catching people's eyes around the time those films were made.
I've already seen about 30 movies this year, so....

Here are some films I've seen and liked recently....

Before Midnight

Main actors: Julie Delpy & Ethan Hawke
Third one of a trilogy.
If you haven't seen "Before Sunrise" and/or "Before Sunset"
you've missed one of the best love stories in the world!

Love is All You Need

Main actors :  Pierce Brosnan & Trine Dyrholm

The Great Passage (舟を編む)

Main actors : Ryuhei Matsuda & Aoi Miyazaki

This one is about a man who spends 13 years to create a new dictionary.
Romance between him and his wife might feel a lil bit strange for people from different cultures.


Actors : Mia Wasikowska & Henry Hopper

Young love with a girl who has only a little remaining to live.

If you have time, please check out these trailers :)

Warm up your heart right before Valentine's day!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

::spring wish list:: BAGS!!

my spring wish list for bags in vivid or sorbet colors :)

<box shaped shoulders>
(on left: Sorial / on right : Alexander McQueen)

<small clutch and boy chanel in icey pink>

(left : kawa kawa / right : CHANEL)

<sophisticated day clutch and multi-colored shoulder>

(left : Alexander McQueen /  right : DANIELLE NICOLE)

<green and pink....>.

(left : Three Four Time /  right : YSL)

I feel people here are tend to hesitate 
about wearing something in bright colors especially in cold weather,
I'm looking forward to seeing people on street dressed in many colors in spring!

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

::dancing vibes::

photo borrowed from wallpaper stock
When I was studying at college in the states,
dancing was a big part of my life outside of school.
I met a great dance instructor and spent most of my free time at a studio or a gym.

Actually I wasn't so good at it but fatigue after each session always felt good. :)
Since then, I love to watch great dancers on TV or YouTube or in music videos.

Here are some of the dancers I love to watch.

Les Twins

I first saw these guys, I couldn't get my eyes off the screen.
And I also love this song that they are using called "Ants" by edIT.
You can find the video in which they perform with Beyonce.


I saw this one so many times....
They are the great dancers with a great sense of comedy.

Hamutsun Serve

They also performed in Madonna's music video "4 minutes" featuring Justin Timberlake.

There are a lot more that I like... 
My recent favorite is Les Twins :)

Miss dancing with my friends in the states!!

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