Thursday, October 22, 2015

::Autumn Leaves::

日本語ver. HERE

Before autumn leaves fall, I definitely needed to wear this kimono I wrote about in my previous post.
I was going to my friend's photo exhibition and two kimono exhibitions last weekend.
Also, I got an invitation to a musical show "Anne of Green Gables" at night so it was a perfect day to spend in kimono.

Finally got to use this collar that I bought months ago!
This piece is hand drawn so there is no exact same thing in this world.

With this obi, I feel like I became one of Ninja Turtles :P
Doesn't it look like a carapace of turtle?

I wore my favorite box bag from Angel Jackson.

I also wore this one with my voluminous skirt I got this month.
The post on that is HERE.

Because of the vivid colors of the kimono, some people who passed by gave me words of praise :)
Love the way kimonos give me chances to communicate with people I don't know yet.

Thank you for reading.