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Friday, May 15, 2015


日本語 ver. HERE
Have you seen such a gorgeous view with full of FUJI????
On the first day of Golden Week, we got up super early in the morning and headed to Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi prefecture. 
The park is so famous now for beautiful fuji (= Japanese word for wisteria)

When we got there around 10 am, there were already many people at the entrance waiting in line in front of the ticket counter. Seemed like a lot of foreigners were there too.
Once I stepped into the park, it was just breathtaking! 

It was in full bloom!! I'd never seen such beautiful fuji.

Not only fuji, they have so many different flowers.

White wisteria had the sweetest scent and so many bees were trying to collect the honey.

White ceiling of wisteria.

the whole entire park was so beautiful and raised my spirit!

And this is what all of us go there to see.
Beautiful pinkish purple curtain of Oo-Fuji.
I was so amazed by the fact that all of this is spreading from only one tree.

With the wall of white fuji behind.

Top : The Virgnia
Shorts : James Perse
Shoes : Ash
Bag : Double Standard Clothing
Necklace :  Nakamol
Sunglasses : Jimmy Choo

It was so worth waking up at 4:30 am! 
They also have roses in the park and the buds seemed like they cannot wait to bloom.
The whole park is lit in various colors at night and their Christmas lights are very famous as well.
I truly wanna visit there again sometime this year.

Thank you for reading.