Friday, October 31, 2014


Sunny Saturday at Omotesando :)
We started a sunny warm day with Hawaiian lunch at a terrace.

Such a nice day for having beer!

Hawaiian beer called "Big Wave" is fresh and fruity.
I just love it.

The weather was so great for having lunch at a terrace.

Bottom :: MET
Boots :: ASH
Hat :: H&M
Bag :: Chloe

It was a little bit too hot for long boots and knit top.....

After walking around for a couple of hours,
took a break at my favorite juice place in Omotesando Hills.
forbidden fruit (Facebook page)

My favorite is Super Green Liquid :)
I think they make the best green juice in Tokyo.
(though I haven't gone to not many other juice places.....)

and.... my new love in my wardrobe, tada!

Baby Sac de Jour bag from Saint Laurent.
I just fell in love with this color (lipstick red).

Can't wait to go out with this little one.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

::Carré Chanel::

The weekend before my birthday, 
my partner took me to a restaurant in a CHANEL building in Ginza.
Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo was founded in collaboration with CHANEL.

The elevator to Beige :))

Cheers to Coco :)

Variety of mushrooms with truffle

Roasted beef with chestnuts.

They have 12 different cheese you can choose from. 
I chose the yellow washed cheese with red wine.

Dessert started with camellia chocolates with Chanel logo.

carré CHANEL chocolat-praliné with hazelnut ice cream.
Everything was sooooo good and beautiful :)

I ordered a herb tea with the dessert, 
and they brought variety of fresh herbs and blended them for me.

It was such a great dinner with beautiful view of Ginza.
They gave me a little box of macaroons when we were about to leave.
It was such a wonderful experience. Thank you, my love.


Monday, October 27, 2014

::Dinner Style::

I had a dinner of my dream in Ginza last weekend.
It was one of the greatest nights :)

Since the restaurant had the dress code, 
I chose an long circular skirt for a little bit more elegant look than usual.

Jacket & Skirt :: Le Ciel Bleu
Top :: H&M
Shoes :: Giuseppe Zanotti
Bag :: Saint Laurent

Night in Ginza still makes me a little bit nervous.
I want to be a woman who can walk in this area with confidence.


Friday, October 24, 2014

::Happy Kimono Day::

日本語ver. HERE

It has been 6 months since I started taking kimono dressing lessons.
My first goal was to dress myself in kimono without any help and go out before my birthday.
Last weekend, which is 2 weeks before my b-day, I finally make it come true.

Jotaro and Sansai Saito, kimono designers, exhibited their collection during Tokyo Fashion Week,
and I went to one of their store to see the whole collection.

You can see the runway looks here↓

Coordination of the day.
Because I have just two pairs of Obi-age and Obi-jime (blue fabric and yellow belt in the photo),
this is the best match I can find out of my kimono wardrobe for now.

I wore old Nine West clutch.

The shape of Obi is perfect!!! :))

The collection at Jotaro Saito was amazing.
I now dream rocking in one of their kimonos one day.
Sansai Saito, father of Jotaro, was there at the store,
and I got to have a little chat with him.

Roppongi Hills was full of Halloween decorations.
It was fun to look around.

"The World of Tim Burton"

Got any plans for Halloween everyone?


Monday, October 20, 2014

::Feeling Winter::

Hot pot season is here :)
Last week, we went to Xiao Fei Yang, the biggest Chinese hot pot restaurant.

Medicinal herb hot pot contains lots of garlic, ginseng, leeks, wolfberries etc....
Great dinner to warm up yourself in cold weather.

We ordered lamb and pork.

I like the red soup on my side, which is super spicy!
Hot pot makes me feel winter is already around the corner.

The other day in Shinjuku,
we had Udon as dinner at one of the famous place called "Tsurutontan".

Here udon is served in a huge bowl!

Udon is the best food when your stomach is not in a good condition.
My mother used to cook this for me when I was sick in bed.

It made my heart full and warm :)
What is your favorite food in cold season?


Friday, October 17, 2014

::French Braid Updo::

Ten-minute updo for a spa day!
Just separate your hair in half vertically and french braid each half from top to end.
Make a bun with both ends at the nape of your neck and pin it in place.
If you can easily make french braids, this only takes about ten to 15 mins to make this updo.

Took a drive to the spa :)

Looks good with yukata that I borrowed at the spa.

What I like about this style is that you don't have to curl your hair to do this.
It's really quick and looks like I took some effort for it.

Please try it this weekend!