Thursday, November 26, 2015

::MJ Inspired Look::

日本語ver. HERE

A tribute look for Michael Jackson.
Well, actually that was not what I was aiming for. But I put up some picture on Facebook a couple of days ago, and someone commented that it looks like it was inspired by MJ.

I was going to shop at the event called "Kimono Rock" with my friend in Harajuku area last weekend, so I gathered the total look based on the theme "Rock".

The kimono I picked this time is the one I wore about a year ago in Kyoto.

The post about my trip to Kyoto is HERE

The event was produced by the modern kimono brand "Rumi Rock" so I paired the kimono with this obi made by them.

Mish mash tie :)

At the event, I finally got to try on their original kimono coat. 
It's really light and made of fake fur which makes it much easier to take care of.

My friend wore a jersey kimono from Jotaro Saito
I'm also a fan of his creations. It looked really comfortable since the textile is stretchy.

We met at a kimono event in summer this year and got along with each other soon :)
Having someone to talk to about what you love makes your life more fun!

Thank you for reading.