Monday, May 29, 2017

::LOB Updo::

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For girls with lob or bob hair....!
Isn't it kinda difficult to style your hair with this length? 

For about 10 years.....

I had super long hair below my chest and it was kinda easy to style it as long as you don't have any problem braiding. 
And a couple of months ago, I just got it....

chopped into lob like this.
At the time, I didn't think much about when I wear a kimono. 
I just like having hair around my face line but this is kind of too long to show my neckline when I'm in a kimono.

So yes, I need to learn some easy updos for my hair now.

For the photoshoot we had the other day, I just needed my hair to look nice...
So yes, I tried this 3 layered updo.


sorry for the flyaways...

so here is my terrible drawing..... LOL
Blue line is an elastic band and red is pins.

Basically it is just 3 layers of topsytails.
But for the middle and bottom layers, the ends of topsytails are hidden and pinned.

This is how it looks like with long hair.
For short hair, the finished look is much smaller than this.
I wrote about this look above HERE step by step. Check it out if interested.

Style ②
For the previous look.

From the top:
Pompadour, topsytail, topsytail and topsytail with the end hidden.

I think it is very possible to add some braids to these styles as well.
Updo is possible for lob and bob hair for formal occasions!

For my visit to Japaran POP UP store, I just wore one of their beautiful headbands on the updo. 
The details of this look is HERE

I'll have try to figure out more styles with my lob hair!

My Hair Style Album of the year 2016↓
(Dec. 2016)

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

::Zebra Red::

日本語ver. → こちら

Last weekend was so hot as summer already! 
By the river close to my place, people were having BBQ parties and that smell made me so hungry when I walked out. I need to do some BBQ with my friends too!

One of my favorite modern kimono designers, Rumi Rock was having a temporary shop opened at Isetan Shinjuku. Last Saturday, they were giving a demonstration of how to tie their obi (Heko obi, which is shown in the photo below). 

I own one of their heko obi in gold and silver and wear it so many times since I bought it. 

Also wore it for the photoshoot we had this month. 
I love it because it is so light and really easy to style. 

The designer Rumi Shibasaki herself gave us the demo. 

It was a good opportunity to learn new styles with this obi. I'll have to try it during this summer.

For this day, I wore this spring kimono. 
Bathroom selfie at Isetan :)

I call it "smartphone kimono".

With the obi I recently got. 
Love the deep red color with zebra-like pattern.

Lip color matching the obi.

I usually wear zouris as seen in most of my other looks. But since the kimono is pretty casual, so I tried getas (wood sandals) this day.


Even in this spring kimono, it was too hot to stay cool outside. 
It is already time to wear a yukata??

Shopping time after the demo :)
Beautiful collars.

Glass accessories from yuminique.

and.... can't wait to receive my cool new thing in 2 month! hehehe

2 different looks with the smartphone kimono! ↓

(Jun. 2015)

(Jun. 2016)

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Monday, May 15, 2017

::Romantic Rock::

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My OOTD for KIMONO BIJIN photoshoot we had the other day☆

It was such a nice and fun day in the great weather with kimono girls.
I wrote about the photoshoot on the previous post HERE.

For this special occasion, I definitely had to choose one of my favorite antique kimonos from my wardrobe. 
I wanted to be edgy yet romantic.

This kimono has beautiful sparkly embroidery around the flowers, which I love so much.

To add some edgy feel, I wore this metallic obi by Rumi Rock.

Jungle collar and German silk scarf I used with my previous look HERE

The base color of this kimono is beige and softens the whole look, so I think it might have worked with even stronger accessories as accents.

peacock feather earrings :)

Usually I wear only white basic tabis everytime but I tried my new lace tabis this time. It was a very warm day and my feet felt much cooler than in basic ones. 
Thinking about getting the same pair in black!

Mishmash tie with the scarf peaking from the side.


This look stands out so well in front of this black and white wall.

And......let me tell you I'm not good at staying cool in front of somebody's camera...
(yes usually I just use a tripod and pose in front of nobody but my own camera)

It was such a fun photo session!
Thank you for this opportunity, Anji and KIMONO BIJIN :)

Another one with me goofing around....

photos by KIMONO BIJIN

Let's end this post with a sophisticated photo. :P

I always keep this favorite kimono for a special occasion and miss a chance to wear it! 
It's almost summer and going to be too warm to wear "awase" (double layered) kimonos. So it was a last chance of this season to wear this.
Now I can welcome summer with no regret!!! 

Here are two other looks with the same kimono↓

(Jan. 2015)

(May 2016)

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