Monday, March 30, 2015

::Shoes in my Closet:: pumps & sandals

Happy Monday, everyone :)
March is almost over and cherry blossoms are in full bloom!
Have you re-organized your closet for this spring and summer?
I put my long boots and wool coats away and get my sandals out last week.
Here are some of my favorite stilettos and sandals in my closet!

First, my stilettos!!!

Snake and studded pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti :)
I looooove these since they make my calves look higher and legs longer.
Actually I need the studded ones widened because they are a bit too tight for my feet.

Stuart Weitzman!!!

Metalic pewter pumps.
The heels are a bit lower than those by Giuseppe Zanotti.

So they are more comfortable for me to walk around for shopping.
I wore them last weekend with DIESEL jeans.

Sandals also by Stuart Weitzman.

I also love shoes from Elizabeth and James.

Unique heels by Charline de Luca.

My favorite sandals by ASH.
I have the same exact pair in black as well.

I was wearing some boots over the weekend,
and the weather was too warm for them already.

Thank you for reading.


Friday, March 27, 2015

::Steak Dinner::

At the change of seasons, our bodies need more energy to adjust to the temperature change.
We need some meat to overcome it!
So one night, we decided to have a dinner full in energy at Outback steak house in Shibuya.

Soft honey bread is served to every table :)

Caesar salad with spicy shrimps.
These grilled shrimps were yummy!

Soup of the day: pumpkin cream soup

Angus ribeye steak
Deeeeeeeelicious! It was so soft and the flavor was solid :)

And everytime I come here or other American diner, 
I just can't help ordering this cocktail.
Strawberry Daiquiri :) 
I know this is high in calories and not healthy at all,
but I just love it!

On the other day, we went to see a movie "Into The Woods" in a mall.

We just can't see a movie without this huge cup of popcorn.
yep... me trying to get a selfie again.

After a movie, I had salmon cream fettuccine for dinner.

It was such a warm day, so I wore my Stewart Weitzman stilettos!

<jeans> DIESEL
<bag> Saint Laurent

Spring spring!!

Warm weather makes me happy to go out!

Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

::Wish List:: Spring/Summer 2015

Yay! Spring is here! 
It's not like I don't like winter.
But being in cold weather for 3-4 months makes me miss warm weather so much!
I was looking through Revolve Clothing to get some ideas for my spring wardrobe,
and here is my wishlist!

Carmella white dress /  NBD black dress

Zimmermann dress / Haute Hippie blazer dress

The dress from Zimmerman is my dream.....

Kimono cardigans by CleobellaLost in Alila

Jens Pirate Booty top / Luv AJ bracelet

Matching earrings and necklace also by Luv AJ

Antik Batik clutch bag /  Schutz wedge sandals

Seems like I'm in a mood of simple and black/white styles.
What mood are you in for this spring?


All images above borrowed from Revolve Clothing

Monday, March 23, 2015


On the day I wore the pineapple kimono, 
we went out to have sukiyaki for dinner in Ginza area.
If you don't have any idea what sukiyaki is, find out HERE on wikipedia.
Though it is one of famous Japanese dishes, I don't get to eat it so often.
Maybe only when I visit my grandmother in Hyogo pref???

I was a little bit excited to have it this day, 
but before that, we decided to drop by Aoyama farmers market at UN university.

For details on this kimono look, click HERE and take a look.

It was actually my first time to visit this farmers market.
There are also antique shops selling lots of interesting silverware, jewelry, etc....
These knives.... I hope they aren't made of real things, to be honest.

It was windy and a bit cold this day, 
so we bought some hot wine with honey and got ourselves warmed up.

A little kid was welcoming us in front of a bakery booth.

Okay, now it's dinner time!
Let's start with appetizers.

Grilled turban shell.

Sesame tofu.

Marinated scallop and cucumber.

And then, SUKIYAKI :)

They cooked it at our table.
It was nicely stewed with sweet soy sauce based soup.
Since I was wearing a kimono and my stomach was tightened by obi,
it didn't take much until I get so full!

It's so good with beaten eggs.

Dessert was served at the end but we couldn't finish it all...

Sukiyaki is actually easy to cook if you have thinly sliced beef and soy sauce.
Better get really good meat though!

Thank you for reading.


Friday, March 20, 2015

::Pineapple & Roses::

日本語ver. HERE

It's been really warm this week!
Here in Japan, we start seeing cherry blossom forecast on TV at this time of a year.
Cherry blossoms in Tokyo is said to come into bloom on March 25th this year.
I'm so excited to do cherry blossom viewing next weekend!

To celebrate the new season, I wore a kimono in spring color last weekend.

I found this one at an antique kimono event held in Ginza area last month.
Isn't this European style pattern just beautiful?

When you take a closer look, it looks like pineapples.

For this kimono, chose this turquoise obi with beautiful roses.
I wore this one for a holiday look at the end of last year HERE.

Added purple tint of leopard obiage (scarf-like fabric between kimono and obi)

Big gold rose around my waist!!

Turquoise butterfly was tempted by sweet scent of roses.
Love making up a story like this!

I was carrying my Sophie Hulme bag (also on the post about mini bags HERE.)

In front of Miu Miu boutique.

Took a walk in Aoyama area.

Collaboration with street graffiti.

Balloons were given away at Kate Spade shop!
Aoyama is known as an area with many high brand shops
such as Alexander McQueen, Cartier, Miu Miu, Prada, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, etc..
More stores are being made,
and I think they are trying to make this area more lively with more chic people.

Walking in a modernized city in Japanese traditional fashion.
It makes me look differently at the things I see everyday.

Thank you for reading!


Photos taken by P-chan