Thursday, December 3, 2015

::Holiday Feast::

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Almost every month, my friend invites her friends over to her beautiful apartment for South African Wine party. I joined them for the first time in mid October and it was so much fun!

I wore a kimono last time.
The post about this look is HERE

It was a bit rainy this time, so I didn't wear a kimono, though.

Tasty wines from the winery Neil Joubert

My friend has a great taste of table setting. 
It was just a month before Christmas, so the table was set with holiday decorations.

Everything was soooo yummy! 
Since I wasn't in kimono this time, I couldn't stop eating...

Cheese cakes that one of the guests brought were so good as well!

My mother is super good at making chiffon cakes, so I had her teach me how to make one the other day and I tried.......
It didn't turn out to be as pretty as the ones she makes, but the taste was good!
My friend decorated my cake with maple syrup and powder sugar so it looked a bit better.
I need to practice more to be a chiffon cake master!

The time passed super quick while meeting new fun people and having yummy dinner with them.
I'm so happy to have people whom I can spend quality times with!
Thank you so much!

Thank you for reading.