Wednesday, March 29, 2017

::Spring Denim::

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Had some nice photos taken by my friend a couple of weeks ago. 
Luckily it was a nice warm day so I picked two spring looks from my closet this time. 

Spring in Stilettos :)

Top :  Double Standard Clothing
Pants :  DIESEL
Heels :  Stuart Weitzman
Bag :  Saint Laurent

I got these beautiful metallic heels 3-4 years ago but never wore them since because I thought these may be the most suitable for formal occasions. But since I usually wear kimono when something formal comes up, so never got a chance!

It was pretty windy :)

Sac du Jour by Saint Laurent. My favorite purse!

Earrings from ROSE BUD.

This is the photo taken by the same friend last year. ↓

I was wearing my favorite Alice McCall crochet pants.
(Oct. 2016)

Photo credit :  Hiroaki Saito

Checking after shooting with a glass of beer....

Look No. 2 will be up on next post!

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

::Shark Skin::

日本語ver. → こちら

Spring has come :) 
The weather was nice and it was warm enough to take off heavy coats during the day last weekend. Seems like cherry blossoms are gonna start blooming sometime this week in southern area of Japan. 

Last Sunday, we had a wonderful afternoon at a beautiful private salon called "Salone Fontana".

We had a lunch party with delicious Italian food and wines.

And my cousin, a violinist, gave us a great performance. 
I wrote about the party on my other blog HERE(in JPN)

For this occasion, I chose one of my simplest kimono, Edo-Komon. 
The kimono looks so plain from a distance like in the above photo, but it actually has really small pattern dyed like this↓

This pattern is dyed with a pattern paper cut-out by hand.
This version is called "Same Komon" because the pattern looks like shark (="same" in Japanese) skin.

The base color is deep pink but these tiny white dots make it lighter like cherry blossom pink when it is seen from a distance.

And I picked this arabesque obi in beige.

Closer look of my waist.

I love the color of lining which spices up the whole look.

The bag is from Nine West.

I wore the same kimono for a family lunch party at Peninsula Tokyo a couple of years ago. Click the link for details↓

(Apr. 2015)

The other look with the same obi for the New Years↓

Gotta plan cherry blossom viewings next week!

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

::Pineapple & Scale::

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I went to take a peak at another antique kimono market last weekend.

Me playing around at the market...  :P

I found this pineapple kimono at an antique market a couple of years ago. It is really rare to find white based kimono like this with no stein. Lucky Me!

Scale obi to spice up the look.

The collar is my current favorite from Sumire Ishioka.

Love this European feel that this kimono has.
I took these photos with this bouquet because my friends came over to my place the day before and brought about 10 of them for me. Thanks, guys :)

I just wanted to save these beautiful flowers in photos. 

Total look. Good contrast between light yellow and black.

It was pretty warm during the day but still gets chilly after sunset.
So I was wearing C.H.O.C.O x agris jacket.

photos taken by the designer, CHOKO  :)

CHOKO's new kimonos!
This style is available in two colors.
Beautiful! Cute cats and cat nip flowers are printed on this. 

Here are two other looks with the same pineapple kimono☆
Check them out↓

(Mar. 2015)

(May 2016)

A little piece of spring for all of you!

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

::Matsuri Cat::

日本語ver. → こちら

February 22nd is the cat day in Japan. But I missed a chance to wear my cat obi on that day.

Last weekend, they were having an antique kimono market at Omotesando, so I went to take a peak into it in kimono.

I tied the obijime like a headband for this poker-faced cat. It looks like "hachimaki" the towels that guys wear around their heads at Japanese festivals ("matsuri").

I wore this kimono twice before but both times were during holiday season because of the colors.
Thought it would match my new collar that I wore for my previous look.



Cat tie :)
I was walking down the street in Omotesando and felt some people taking photos of the cat on my back. hahaha

Cube bag by Sophie Hulme.

Galaxy zouri I ordered.

When I got to the market, it was already about 15 mins before the closing time.
So I didn't try on or get anything this time.... I should've got there earlier....

But 15 mins of treasure hunting were fun :)

Here is my cat day look from last year.↓

(Feb. 2016)

and the holiday look from 2015.↓

(Dec. 2015)


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