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Friday, February 20, 2015

::Shared Wardrobe::

日本語ver. HERE

The day of shopping for Valentine's day.
Here is the details of my look.

What I love about kimono is that
good ones are made to be handed over from mother to daughter, and to the next generation.

This is one my mother handed over to me last year.

Little tiny flowers printed on great texture of silk.
I thought this is too cute for me until I bought this new antique obi.

This one has orange flowers to match the kimono.

I added some green accents with obi-age and earrings.

Earrings from Rose Bud

The obi was a little too short for the standard tie, so I arranged it a bit.

I wore french braid so that it doesn't look formal.

Wearing kimono on ordinary days has been my ordinary thing!

I have a casual wedding reception to attend to later this month.
I'm already having fun thinking about what to wear on that day.

Thank you for reading.