Wednesday, December 27, 2017

::Turtle x Hakama::

日本語ver. → こちら

Hope everyone had great holidays♡
Only one week to go until the New Year 2018☆
This month has been pretty busy and I couldn't get a chance to wear a kimono for a while... But last weekend, I had a lunch date with my kimono friend in Ueno and tried a new kimono style with a hakama♪

*hakama (wiki) = Japanese traditional skirt with wringed hems

Psychedelic kimono x viridian hakama♪

With my new twisted plate earrings.

Tory Burch booties♡

It was my very first time to wear a hakama.
The kimono inside is folded up to knees, so it is much easier and more comfortable to walk around in a hakama. 
This one is made of polyester and can be washed in a washing machine so I can wear a kimono on rainy days without worrying too much about getting my silk kimono dirty. 

I substituted a UNIQLO turtle neck knit for nagajuban☆
The weather was really nice on this day, and I didn't need any outer during the day. 

*nagajuban = silk undergarment

In this look, I went to take a peek at Choko's Closet that was going on that weekend. 
The charismatic kimono director, Choko, released the various new kimonos in collaboration with Aguri Sagimori, the designer of agris
Everything was so beautiful and sooooooo seductive for all the kimono girls.

Actually I wasn't ready to take anything home that day....
But I ended up bringing back home something that hit my heart♡

Later this week, I'm going back to my hometown to spend the New Years with my family. Hopefully I can do one more kimono look before this year ends! (probably with the new item I got from Choko's Closet♡)

Hope you will have a great New Year♪

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

::Bambi Forest::

日本語ver. → こちら

Leaves turned red in Tokyo. It's still warm in daytime but feels like winter is already here at night.

Before the weather turns into winter, I have another kimono to wear in autumn.

Beautiful falling leaves♡

With new items from my wardrobe.
Bambi collar and bi-colored obijime.

Last week, a friend of mine gave me these beautiful ring and bangle from Agatha paris. I would never choose these unique items for myself, so I'm so happy to have them in my jewelry selection.
And this ring totally matches with the color of this kimono♡

My hair has grown a bit in a month, so I put up all the hair up this time.
The star hair clip sets everything in place.

Updos can match any kimono styles...

Dressed in falling leaves. The look I can do only in this season♡

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

::Purple Leaves::

日本語ver. → こちら

Hey I'm back from the storms☆
The latter half of last month was cold and rainy with two huge typhoons on weekends. So I couldn't go out in a kimono for more than 3 weeks!
I was wishing the first weekend of November to be nice and sunny because I really wanted to wear the kimono that I can wear only in this season.

And yes, the weekend was beautifully sunny :D

Maple leaves in purple♡

I bought this kimono around the end of autumn last year so I waited and waited for this season to come!!

Paired with this black and silver obi with the pattern of scales.

I twisted this reversible obijime to show both colors.

Bag : Alexander Wang

Hair situation.
I have small parts of hair close to the nape of my neck bleached. 

I love the color of this kimono is purple instead of red.
If it was in red, it's too ordinary, isn't it?

The season of red leaves is just NOW.
The next time I will wear this kimono is probably next year. See you then♡

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Monday, October 16, 2017

::Halloween Edo Week::

日本語ver. → こちら

So the theme of the show at Tokyo Edo Week was Halloween.
Actually I have never dressed crazy for Halloween in my life so I didn't know what to wear. 
Maybe a kimono in pumpkin color??? 
But if I do that the look might be too boring....because the kimono itself is kind of semi-formal. 

The entrance of the event was decorated with bamboo art by Chikaken.
The previous post about the show is HERE

So.... Here I was at the stage of the show★

Meaween Cat♡

Let's take the ferris wheel like pattern of the kimono as spiderwebs. 
Halloween Party Cat Look★

The cat on my back is wearing a matching head dress with feather. 

I bought this head piece years ago, and this is the first time using it!

Mauve lips and nails with cat eyes.

Instead of zouri I always wear, I wore Diesel booties with fishnet tights.

Angel Jackson box bag♡

With Sayumi, the owner of KIMONO BIJIN.
Thank you for giving me many experiences as a kimono influencer.

With other models from the show. 
Lace and roses.

Modelling for the show gave me a chance to try new things with my kimono style. 
It was also interesting to see how other girls style themselves. 
Can't wait to see them again★

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stage photos by Tokyo Calendar

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