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Monday, November 30, 2015

::Hairdo with a Hat::

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I always wanted to try wearing a kimono with a hat but I hardly wear a hat everyday so didn't know exactly what to do with my super long hair.

For my Kimono Rock day, I got really lazy to do my hair so decided to do just a simple fishtail braid on the side. While doing that, I hit upon a good idea of making the braid into a messy bun and wear a hat :)

Click HERE for the photos of this look.

To make the braided bun look messy, you pull out the sides of the bun and stretch it.

When you create a fishtail braid on the side, tie the base of the braid loosely with an elastic so that the other side won't look too tight.

Just curl small sections of hair around your face and it's done!
The bun doesn't have to be made of a fishtail, you can do any bun that you'd prefer.

This looks really good with a turtle neck or whenever you wear a scarf around your neck as well.

Thank you for reading.