Thursday, May 26, 2016

::Candy Pop::

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It is getting so warm out and they say this summer is going to be veryyyy hot.
The photo shoot session with my friend was the last chance to wear my favorite antique kimono before Hitoe season comes.

*"hitoe" is the kimono without a lining which is usually worn in June and September.

It was such a nice sunny day as you can see.
There was no one cloud in the sky.
A bit too warm for "Awase" like this kimono already.

*"awase" is the kimono with a lining usually worn between Oct. and May.

This kimono may be the most favorite antique in my kimono closet right now.
But I've worn this one only for the new years.

Look at these beautifully embroidered flowers. 

For just a casual occasion, I paired it with this obi.


Douple messy buns.
For details, please click HERE to see the full article.

Shooting was so much fun. 
It was interesting to see how others capture each moment.

Silver Nails. I heard silver is this year's lucky color. Did you know that?

All of my nail lacquers are from OPI.
"My Silk Tie" inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey.
I bought these when I visited LA for the New Years.

Silver doesn't bother other colors of your clothes or accessories.

photo credit: Yoshiya Yamazaki

Thank you, Yoshiya, for taking beautiful photos and making me happy in full smile.

Here are other two looks with the same kimono for the New Years 2015.
Click the link below each photo to see the whole article on the look.

Yes, I covered my grandma's face with a cute kitty for her privacy :)
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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

::Puffy Buns::

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Bored with a normal bun? 
Last Sunday, I had some photos taken by a friend of mine in my favorite antique kimono. I didn't even have the collar ready until the morning of that day so there was not much time for doing my hair. 

But I wanted to make something voluminous above my nape in 5 mins.

Not too sophisticated, but not so casual either.

It is just simply two messy buns created next to each other.
Here is the vertical twin buns I did last year for Vogue FNO.
The details are posted HERE

Here is the quick tutorial of creating a bun.

So this is the finished look of the horizontal version.
To make them look messier, I teased the hair A LOT. 

From the right.
(sorry for the flyaways...)

From the left.

So simple, easy and quick!!

Think this style looks great with summer dresses, bohemian looks, and Yukata.
Give it a try :)

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

::Fly with Wind::

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Feather or Leaves??
I found and got this beautiful Omeshi kimono with embroidered pattern of fern leaves.

Love this deep green color :)

Embroidered fern leaves in gold, silver and metalic pink.
Such a modern design that you can't easily find.

With my checkered obi in silver.

Yellow accents.

In the photos, the collar looks plain white but actually it is the combination of light yellow and grey when looking at it closely.
It shows a heart behind my neck.

It was a little windy on that day.
I love the way fern leaves look like feathers.


I was carrying Nine West clutch.


Here is another look with the same obi↓

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

::Shiny Days::

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More beer and meat on the 2nd half of Golden Week!!!
Who could resist having cold beer on shiny days??

On May 3rd, I had our favorite Brazilian barbecue at Barbacoa with my mother, brother and his girlfriend. My mother planned this dinner to celebrate my brother who just graduated from a vet school and started his career.

What I love about this restaurant is they have variety of veggies and fruits that you can take from the counter. 


It was a bit early but my brother and I got some Mother's day gifts for our loving mother.
Thank you and love you lots, Mom :)

On the other day, my friends and I went to have some futsal games.
137 people came to play!!!! 

It was such a beautiful sunny day. 
Actually my friend and I were bench warmers to cheer our other friends who played, but still we got tanned a little.

My friends' team won the first prize among 13 teams! Congrats!

Sunset on the way to the crazy after-party with about 200 people. 

On the last weekend of Golden Week, my friends and I went on a picnic at Yoyogi park.
They were having three different festivals at the park on the weekend.
Tokyo Rainbow Pride (LGBT festival), Salsa Street, and Cambodia Festival.

The main stage of Cambodia Festival.
Girls were Cambodian girls were performing beautiful traditional dance there.

I love food from festival stalls like this.

More Brazilian barbecue from Salsa Street Festival.


Salsa on the street :)
The whole street was full of happy mood.

Happy lunch party under the sun!!

After feeding ourselves, we walked into the calm and peaceful area of the park.

Roses in various colors in bloom.


I was wearing my Elizabeth and James heels :)

I had soooo much fun during this GW.
Too much beer and delicious food made me put on some weight for sure.

I will try to eat healthy for the next couple of weeks!

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