Friday, May 30, 2014


Japanese national dress, Kimono.
I love the touch of smooth silk and variety of patterns they have.
It takes a lot of knowledge and practice to wear it all by yourself.
Since I started taking some kimono lessons,
it is time for me to get my own.
Kimonos are soooo expensive since they are usually made-to-order.
 But there was a huge used kimono sale event last weekend,
I found these for much less!

This kimono is wearable between October and May.
I tried it on and it looked perfect with this black Obi (waist belt).

I can't wait to wear it by myself and go out,
but I need more practice....

Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

::Live at Yaon:: & ootd

Last weekend at Yaon (Ourdoor Auditorium in Hibiya, Tokyo).
We went to see a live performance of oldie rock bands.

with my new Ash sandals. :))

OOTD: Dholic top, Zara shorts, NIne West clutch, Le Ciel Bleu leather jacket.

It feels great to listen to live music in the nice weather.
People seemed to enjoy it with beer in their hands.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

::Super Easy Updo::

Since the weather is getting warmer,
those who have long hair need some quick easy updos for all occasion.
This hairdo is really really easy as long as you can do fishtail braids.

Swipe all of your hair to either side and make a fishtail braid,
and loosen the braid to make it look bigger
Fold the braid over to the otherside and hide an elastic band.
Pin it in place.

If you are used to make fishtail braids,
this only takes less than 5 mins.
This is definitely a good updo for busy morning.

Thank you for reading.
and please try this!


Friday, May 23, 2014

::Quiet Street (w/ tasty food)::

my favorite street in Setagaya, Tokyo.
It looks like those streets in gorgeous spa area.
I love it.

Tokyo is a huge concrete jungle with too many people.
But there are some places quiet to have a nice chat with your friends or partner.

Bamboo sprout and welsh onions are in season.

Dried salmon, Shake-toba, is my favorite snack with shochu.

Unosato, the new hiding place I found.
This place is always full after 7pm.

fresh eggplant and stick ginger with miso.

raw bonito with sliced onions.

Japanese style beef stew.

Tokyo is such a busy city,
finding some quiet places to spend quality time with someone is nice :)

Thank you for reading.


Monday, May 19, 2014

::Cruise 2015::

Cruise collection 2015
Here are some styles I like from Dior and Chanel collections.

Combination of glitter, flower and stripes.

4 styles above are from Dior.
I like their simplicity and cool sensation.

Next 4 are from Chanel.

Light textured egyptian pants.

geometric see-through with chanel tweed.

classic style with middle east taste.

I like Cruise collections because of their classy relaxed style.
They give me hints for summer wardrobe.

Thank you for reading.


photo credit: WWD

Friday, May 16, 2014

::Summer Obsession::

My recent purchase!
I got these from Revolve Clothing.
It's so amazing that it takes only a week until delivery from the US to Japan.

Ash quantum sandals.
They remind me of Carol sandals from Isabel Marant,
but these are more simple and I like them better.

really comfortable with 8 cm heels.

Can't wait to wear them with my crochet collection.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

::La Folle Journee au Japon::

Another festival that I look forward to every year.
La Folle Journee au Japon is one of the biggest classical music festival in Tokyo.
The entire area of Tokyo International Forum is reserved for this,
and so many performers come here and play from all over the world.

My friends and I got tickets for the very last concert in the biggest concert hall.

They have many stands that serve alcohol and food.
We picked up some dinner before the concert.

I got red wine and tasty Indian Chicken Wrap :)

The last concert started at 8:45pm.
They played a piano concerto composed by Ravel 
,and some other pieces with a famous castanet player, Lucero Tena.
It was supposed to end around 9:30pm,
but Lucero kept on appearing on the stage and played couple of pieces as encores
, the stage ended around 10pm.
She was really frank and fun!

After the concert, we stopped by a mexican diner for a drink.
It was such a nice day spending quality time with my friends and beautiful music.

Thank you for reading.


Monday, May 12, 2014

::Pottery Festival::

My first time at a Pottery Festival called "Himatsuri" in Kasama, Ibaraki.
We took a long drive from Tokyo.
I heard about 100,000 people come to this event every year.
Kasama is famous for local eathenware called "Kasama-yaki".
More than 100 pottery artists around this area all gather and make a huge market in a park.

I love this beautiful blue and moroccan taste

My favorite artist that I found this day.

We also tried making own pieces.
It was my first time of using a wheel.

I made two rice bowls

and a little glass for wine.
They will send us the finished ones in July.
I can't wait to see my own creations :)

Since Mother's Day was coming up,
I bought a pair of these mugs for my parents.
They looooove cats and I'm pretty sure they will like this laziness :P

I didn't buy anything else this time,
but I definitely became more interested in pottery and tableware.

Thanks for reading.