Thursday, December 25, 2014

::Holiday Look at Senso-ji::

日本語ver. HERE

Merry Christmas, everyone!!
Hope this holiday season has been treating you well :) 
The day before Christmas eve, 
I went to Senso-ji temple in Asakusa in my new kimono.

Since the red and green remind me of Christmas,
I didn't want to miss the chance to wear this kimono before Christmas is over.

To emphasize the theme, 
I wore the obi with a big red rose on it and red sac du jour from Saint Laurent.

Look from behind.

I also wore a fluffy big shawl.

Gate at entrance of Senso-ji.

It was already so crowded like the new years.

Late soba noodle lunch.

One of my goals for this year was to learn to dress myself in kimono.
It took me 6 months but now I can wear it without paying for professional dressers.

Learning about Japanese traditional fashion is so much fun and 
I'm more into it as time goes.
My new goal is to learn to wear it in 15 mins!
Hope I can share more beautiful Japanese culture here through my lifestyle with kimono.

This is my last post this year!
I am off to my second hometown, Portland, Oregon from tomorrow!
I will be back here on the second week of next month.

Keep yourself warm and get ready for a brand new year!!
Thank you for reading and see you in the year of 2015!!!!!


Monday, December 22, 2014

::Favorite Looks:: from Pre-Fall 2015

People are already talking about next fall!
Here are some of my favorite looks from Pre-Fall 2015 collection.





Tadashi Shoji

I just love this coat from Elie Saab.

also from Elie Saab


Monique Lhuillier


Which one is your fav?


Photos borrowed from

Friday, December 19, 2014

::Christmas Songs::

Christmas is almost here!
What is your favorite song for this season?
Here are some of mine that you can find on YouTube.

Christmas Song by Nat King Cole

Classic and chic.

Oh Happy Day from Sister Act 2

It's not a song for Christmas, but still makes me wanna listen to it in winter.
This is such a great movie. I still watch it sometime at home.

Carol of Bells by 12 cellos

Angels We Have Heard on High

both by the Piano Guys.

I always love watching their music videos.
They truly enjoy their music.
They have a Christmas playlist on their YouTube page,
and everything is so beautiful.

and.... of course.......

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence by Ryuichi Sakamoto

My most favorite composer in the world.
This is a theme song of the movie "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence".
This is actually not a happy song 
cause the story is about how soldiers spend their Christmas at a battlefield.
But this is still a beautiful song that I can repeatedly listen to.

Christmas songs are everywhere in cities around this season,
but I think it is good to have your own Christmas playlist with you.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

::Shopping Diary Dec. 2014::

Some random things I bought recently.
I finished my Christmas shopping,
so now it's time for getting some for myself :)

STEVE MADDEN rubber boots for rainy and snowy days
The pair I had got a big hole so needed a new pair.

These belts around ankles are removable,
so they will look great with any coordinate.

Thigh-high boots by KMB

Statement earrings to brighten up winter looks.
Thinking about wearing the green ones on Christmas eve.


trying to deliver.......

a present to you.

Hope you all have wonderful Christmas.


Monday, December 15, 2014

::Holiday Looks::

Christmas is just around the corner.
Have you got any plans?
Dinner party with your girl friends?
Romantic night with your love?
Fun gathering with your family?

Here are some holiday look ideas from last year.
I was invited to my friend's wedding party around this time last year.

And this is what I wore that day.
Black lacy top and red skirt.
Adding something metalic brightens up the look.

I wore this hairdo inspired by Kate Middleton.
This is actually easier than it looks.
Make a bump at your crown by teasing and braid each side.
Create any bun you like around the nape of your neck and pin each braid in place around the bun.

Hairdo idea #2.

Hairdo idea #3.
This style is the easiest and I love it!

And definitely need something red too :)
CHANEL Rouge Allure #99 PIRATE is the reddest red that I love. 

Little holiday greeting from me last year :)


Friday, December 12, 2014

::Kitty Love::

My brother's got a new kitty!
He's a main coon, 4 years old.
He looks much bigger than he actually is because of his long hair.
My brother named him Gin after the liqueur.
This makes his two kitties "Gin Rickey" , a cocktail.
I went to see them last weekend,
and Rickey seemed really happy to have a new friend at home.

Rickey got really bigger than I saw him last, but still a baby.
He always want to play with him, sooooo energetic!

Gin, on the other hand, is really gentle and calm.
Look at his beautiful yellow eyes :)

Rickey isn't scared at all to be held by strangers.

says....."Okay, this part is gonna be on the test tomorrow. Check."
He also helps my brother study.
(My brother studies at a vet. university.)

Selfie with this little handsome guy :)
They're just so cute whatever they do.

I'm jealous of my brother having a life with them.