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Thursday, June 30, 2016


日本語ver. → こちら

Light, loose and comfortable. A caftan is one of my favorite items during hot summer.
Even though it is still rainy season and the weather is mostly cloudy, when the sun comes out it can be so hot and humid in Tokyo.
Caftans let the air through between fabric and your skin so that you feel a bit cooler than wearing a tight t-shirt. 

Caftan : Zara (from last year)
Sandals : ASH 

I love these ASH sandals so much that I have them in beige and black.

Bag : Double Standard Clothing

Wearing demin shorts inside....

Another thing I wear a lot during summer is this simple UNIQLO dress with bra pads.
I have some cropped tops like this and layer it over the dress.

If you have some cute cropped tops, give it a try! You can wear a cheap simple dress in the more expensive way.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

::African Festival::

日本語 ver. → こちら

Just a super ordinary Sunday. 
After a dance practice with my friends in the morning, I headed to Yoyogi park to see if there was some festival going on there. (Usually they have some event / festival / flea market on every weekend. )
I found out they were having the antique market and African festival last weekend.

It was not as crowded as Thai festival which is so crazy with lots of people every year.

Found some funny items they sell on the street.

Cute shiba.

Hot dog truck.

When I got there, they were having a dance show on the main stage.

African food with beer, anyone?

Wall art.

It was such a beautiful sunny day during this rainy season.
Instead of African food, I was craving for something spicy....

Mexican food!!!
Spicy beef burrito with beer. Perfect :)

And.... this is nothing to do with the African fes but I just learned the recipe of delicious granola salad from my friend last week.
This salad will be my obsession for a while! 

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Monday, June 20, 2016

::Crown Flip::

日本語ver. → こちら

It's not like a brand-new look I did but let me share the hairdo from the previous post :)

The full article of this look is HERE

This hairdo gives some romantic mood to your total look.

How to re-create it is almost the same with the pigtail flip updo.
Click HERE for reference :)

It just requires you to create a dutch / french / lace braid rom temple to slightly above each ear before pigtailing all of your hair for the finish look.

If you prefer having more volume on top, tease the top at first. 

Great way to sweeping your hair away from your neck line on hot days!

On the other day, I had my makeup and hair done by professionals that I've known for a while.
They do this in just like 10-15 mins. I totally love this hairdo and will try to recreate it by myself sometime!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


日本語ver. → こちら

Rainy season is here. I looooove wearing kimono but this humid weather during rainy season makes me wanna choose a summer dresss to put on rather than kimono.

But we have kimono that we can wear only this time of a year.

My hitoe kimono with rectangle motif.
They look like smartphones!!

I didn't have any plan for this day so went for a super casual look with this sparkly obi.

"Jungle and bees"
imagining the striped obiage as bees and 

with the jungle summer collar as wild forest.


Like the way lime-yellow is showing?

The bag is by Sophie Hulme.
Small bags go great with any kimono looks.


I have another hitoe kimono but the weather is getting too hot and humid for me to wear it now. I will come back to "hitoe " maybe in September :)

Here is the digital look I did almost a year ago↓

I went to have lunch with my friend and ended up drinking too much alcohol until 11pm on that day. That was such a fun day!

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Monday, June 6, 2016

::Yukata 2013-2015::

日本語ver. → こちら

It is the Yukata season again :)
This will be the 4th summer since I bought myself the very first yukata in 2013.
So let me look back my yukata looks in the last three summers.

The mirror selfie taken when I was trying on that yukata 3 years ago.
It was about a year before I started learning how to dress myself in Kimono so I didn't have much knowledge of how to choose the right kimono/yukata for myself then.

I just fell in love with the pattern and bought this obi with the yukata.
Now that I know more about kimono, I should've got the one in smaller size... but I still love this one!

::Summer 2014::

The next year, I wore the same yukata with two different obi.

This obi is the one my mother got me when I was a teenager or maybe younger.

I went to shop around in Roppongi area and had a huge burger for lunch in yukata.

On the next day, my friends and I had an awesome cruising night on Tokyo harbor.
I helped my friend, Chii, get dressed in her yukata and did her hair.

I paired the obi I got with this yukata.

I wanna plan some yukata outings with my friends again this year!

::Summer 2015::

Since I got used to wearing kimono regularly, I added two beautiful yukata into my wardrobe last year.

African Batik Yukata by Roccoya :)

I wore it as a kimono for a shopping event in Harajuku.

and..... Rain Forest Yukata also by Roccoya

in fire red????? nope.... it was also tempting but I got the one in.....

this color :)

This yukata is made of cotton and linen and feels so light and cool on your skin.

And the other day for one of the biggest fireworks show in Tokyo...

Two different looks with the same yukata and obi. ↓

I won the best dressed award at the yukata party in this look!!

In August, I invited my friends over to my apartment to have some dinner party before the fireworks show nearby. 
I cooked moroccan food in yukata and the night was so much fun :)

And this will continued to Summer 2016...

Summer is here! and I need more vacations please!!!!

Thank you for reading.


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