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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

::Another Favorite Place::

Rainy season is officially over,
but summer heat sometimes brings heavy rain in evening. 
Last week I was window shopping around Omotesando,
and hit by a huge thunderstorm.
We ran into a closest building and decided to have dinner there.
The Japanese restaurant we chose was nice. :)

They have a variety of shochu and sake.

The oriental scaffold (is this what it is called?)

Seasonal eggplant salad


I can't remember which fish this was.

Maron shochu which is made in Kochi.
It was strong!

Japenese leek with sparkling sake.

We stayed there for 2 hours waiting for the heavy rain to stop,
but had a nice time with tasty dinner.

Thank you for reading.


Monday, July 28, 2014


Shopping for shoes is one of my favorite things to do.
Think they change your look by 180 degrees even when you are wearing the same clothes.
My work experience at a shoe shop in my early 20s
made my eyes always in search for beautiful shoes.

Here are some of my favorite shoes during this summer :)

Pewter metalic pumps by Stuart Weitzman

Pewter color has a little touch of purple,
and that's what I love about this color.
And suitable for any season through a year.

They fit perfectly.

T-strap sandals also by Stuart Weitzman.

And... Quantum Sandals by Ash

The same style in camel.

Rainy season is finally over here and real summer started.
I can't wait to go out with these favorites!

Thank you for reading.


Friday, July 25, 2014

::Hot Summer After a Storm::

At the beginning of this month, the biggest storm in past 50 years hit us.
The weather during this rainy season is unpredictable.
It irritates me before leaving home 
because I have to choose a pair of shoes which can survive a unexpected heavy rain.

The storm passed Tokyo during a night
and the weather was so great that it made me feel like summer is here.

Why not spending a day off outside in this nice weather?
We drove to Ueno park this time.

A little shrine in the park.

They have a large pond full of lotus leaves.
It seemed like flowers were not in bloom yet, 
but I saw a lot of these buds which look like peaches.  :)

You can't even see water inside the pond.
It looks like there is a huge farm in the middle of concrete city.

It was such a hot day.
I couldn't help craving for some cold beer.

This raspberry beer was interesting.....(I prefer normal beer...)

"Anmitsu", Japanese parfait with red beans.

Got some frensh fruits from the market close to the park.
I LOVE fruitfull summer.

This mangosteen was my first!
It kind of tastes like lychee, I think.
Peaches were sweet like heaven :)

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

::Tea for Two:: (& summer fes.)

日本語ver. HERE

While I was in London, I was wishing to have traditional afternoon tea.
I thought it might be not so fun to do it without anyone to have a chat with,
so I didn't...
Some of luxurious hotels in Tokyo offer great afternoon tea
and we made a reservation at a lounge of Ritz Carlton in Roppongi.

First, we tried Mandarin Oriental hotel without any reservation,
and surprisingly all the seats were full around noon.
Now I'm curious why they all come here for afternoon tea.....

So... we changed the plan to Ritz, located at Tokyo Midtown.

The lounge was directly connected with the hotel concierge.
I loved the entire space with really high ceiling 
and streaming sound which comes from fountains that they have inside.
Once you are seated, they come and show you a variety of teas that they have.
You can change the flavors anytime during your tea time.
My favorite is strawberry champagne.

To be honest... I was a little nervous.... haha
This experience was a bit out of my frame. 

A pianist was playing in the middle of the lounge.
Loved chatting while hearing it and sounds of silverware.

Everything was so good :)
I liked their warm scones and mango tart.
We usually don't stay long at a restaurant
but it was nice to stay and talk with great smell of flavored tea.

OOTD for this day.

Jacket & Tee : Loveless
Skirt : Acne
Shoes : Melissa
Bag : de couture

Thank you for reading.


Monday, July 21, 2014

::My Brother's New Roommate::

First time at my brother's place!
He recently started living with a beautiful kitty, Ricky.
garrh! He is sooooo cute that I can't tell you how cute he actually is.

He's only 4 months old and curious about anything around him.
I was playing with him for a while but I'm the first one who got tired.....

When I was braiding my hair in front of a mirror, 
he jumped onto my butt and climbed all the way up to my shoulders.

My brother and I grew up with cats always at home.
They always give us hearts of loving and warm feelings.

When I next move to somewhere else, 
I will definitely choose a place where I can live with cats or dogs.
Thanks to my brother for letting me have a lovely time.


Friday, July 18, 2014

::2014 Fall Couture:: Chanel White

Chanel Dream☆

Snowy white of Chanel Fall Couture 2014 was gorgeous.
The balance between plain white and sparkle/embroidery is perfect.

Every look was coordinated with ancient style sandals.
It made all the looks even more relaxed.

From other maisons,

Alexandre Vauthier suit.

Giambattista Valli, white and floral.

Wearing white in a relaxed mood might be challenging.
But it must be worth a try.


(all photos borrowed from WWD)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

::2014 fall couture:: RED

This year's fall couture was full of red.
Especially Armani Privé's theme was 
"Red, While and Black from a lacquer box".

Japan has a culture of traditional lacquer boxes called "Shikki".
I remember learning how to make one of those boxes by my own hand,
and it was a hard work.

Japanese lacquer ware.

This is my favorite look from Armani Privé.
I definitely want to try something like this look this coming fall.

Other looks in red from....

Jean Paul Gaultier

and Chanel.

Passionate red to deep dark red.
I'm already looking forward to finding the best red for myself this year.



(couture photos borrowed from WWD)