Monday, August 31, 2015

::Okami Hair::

日本語ver. HERE

Okami updo for Okami look.

(Okami is a name for a hostess or proprietress of a Japanese-style restaurant.)

If you've following my blog, this is one of my favorite hairdos I wear often.
This goes with any occasions, casual to formal.

For the details of the total Okami look, please take a look HERE.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

::Okami Look::

日本語ver. HERE

My yukata look for the Moroccan home party last weekend.
This might be the last yukata look this year since the weather is getting autumny these days.
I chose to wear this beautiful striped yukata.

This is my first look in the same yukata from the other day. 
For the details for this look, please take a look HERE.

I tried to keep everything simple this time to look like Okami.
Okami is a name for a hostess or proprietress of a Japanese-style restaurant.

Galaxy Obidome.

Simple ribbon tie.

In those days everyone was wearing kimono, housewives put these swingy sleeves away like this to do house works.

This style made it so much easier to prepare Moroccan dinner for my friends who came over to my place :)

Our little party was so much fun!
The post on the whole menu is HERE if you are interested.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

::Moroccan Party::

日本語ver. HERE

I had a wonderful time with my friends last Saturday. 
They came over to my place to see the fireworks by the river, and we had a little party with delicious Moroccan food that I made. 
I just bought a recipe book a day before and wanted to try some dishes on it! 

Here are what I made for that night :)

Hummus = Moroccan chickpea paste for appetizer.
I think my friends liked this one the most!

Moroccan omelette.
Super easy! Just took like 5 mins to make it.

And chicken tagine. 
I just fell in love with the aroma of coriander and cumin powder. 

Pumpkin cake and....

Italian affogato for dessert :)

I'm so glad they liked it!
Cooking for somebody is a great thing!

We also enjoyed the beautiful fireworks show this close after dinner.
It was such a fun night chatting and eating with some of my great friends!

Thank you all for coming over to spend a great night with me!



Thursday, August 20, 2015


日本語ver. HERE

The casual effortless look with two different pair of shoes :)
I recently got my second pair of ASH sneakers in black.

My first pair is in silver and green which I got a couple of years ago.
These are a pair of my favorite sneakers I own. 
Even though they have 2.5 inch heels, my feet don't get so tired after walking around for hours in them. 

This day, I didn't have any appointment to see anyone in the city so I went out for shopping by myself in effortless casual look.

Tee : Eleven Paris
Shorts :  Zara
Sneakers : ASH
Shades : CHANEL
Bracelets : Samantha Wills

I also tried on these Nine West heels I bought years ago before heading out for shopping.


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Monday, August 17, 2015


日本語ver. HERE

For the Yukata party I went to a couple of weeks ago, I tried some other looks with the same yukata and obi.

Details of what I actually wore at the party are HERE.

For another look I tried, I added this beautiful glass accessory by Tonpuan.

These triangle pieces are called GALAXY.
I couldn't choose only one out of many, so got both of these at Umeya the other day.

Total look.

The tie is more sophisticated than that I did for the party.
Which look do you like better?

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Thursday, August 13, 2015


日本語ver. HERE

Beauty of Japanese indirect lighting.
They were having this amazing lighting exhibition called "Wa-no-Akari" at Meguro Gajoen until last weekend.
"Wa-no-Akari" translates to "Japanese lighting".

There are stairs called "Hyakudan-Kaidan" in the site and 7 traditional banquet rooms along the stairs. Each room had a different theme of lighting.

This is a miniature lighting of Nebuta festival which takes place in Aomori Prefecture.

Japanese wind chimes.

Lighting which is made with Washi (Japanese paper).

Cherry blossoms.

This one was my favorite :)

All the art pieces were awesome but the building itself was also so beautiful with sculptures and paintings. 

The whole exhibition was calm and relaxing. 

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