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Monday, March 2, 2015

::Color Jungle::

日本語ver. HERE

I was looking forward to wearing this new chemical colored kimono!
There was a modern & antique kimono event a couple of weeks ago,
and I just couldn't miss this opportunity to wear it.

This combination of chemical colors on traditional silk is 
not the thing you would find often at recycled kimono stores. 

After I put it on, the mad color jungle was created.
I wore the same antique obi I wore HERE

My apology for the "ohashori" being messy...

*Ohashori =  the folded part of kimono around hipbone

Wore these fan-like earrings from Turkey.

I was carrying a clutch bag by NINE WEST.
HERE is the link to the details of this FAKE BOB updo.
Please take a look if you are interested.

Look from behind.

From a moment at the event....
Tada! :)

Isn't this beautiful? I just love this pattern.
What is really good about this kimono is that this is made of synthetic fabric.
So you can wear it without caring too much on rainy days.

I even got to take a photo with the designer, Choko :)
Her styles are colorful and modern, but also sophisticated.
It's so much fun looking at her looks on her blog.
Here is the link to her blog of this day. (in Japanese)

I bought a couple of beautiful things there.
They will be up on here sometime soon.

One of the reason why wearing kimono is so fun 
is that you can mix so many different colors at the same time!

Thank you for reading.