Friday, September 18, 2015

::Green Stardust::

日本語ver. HERE

Mid September. The season for Yukata is already over and it's time for Hitoe kimono.
Hitoe is a kimono without a lining which is supposed to be worn in June and September.

For Vogue Fashion's Night Out, I wore one of only two Hitoe kimonos that I own.
The kimono itself is traditionally designed but I added some statement pieces to make the total look modern and playful.
The post about Vogue FNO is HERE

Nori-Chirashi. "Nori" means glue and "Chirashi" means splash in Japanese.
After the fabric was dyed to green, the dyer sprinkled glue over it.
The fabric was dyed again to black and only the parts with glue stay green like this.
I like this dying method because it looks like stardust. 

Obi by Rumi Rock.

Galaxy Obidome.

Green earrings to match the color of stardust.

Wood shell clutch bag.

Lisa and Haruki who went to FNO with me took amazing pictures of me standing in front of Stunning Lure shop in Aoyama.

Thank you guys for great portrait photos :)