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Friday, January 30, 2015

::Seaside Lunch::

Back to our lunch time at Enoshima beach.
We had a big lobster!! Nomnomnom....

Do you see many surfers waiting for waves to come?
I think they were having a surfing lesson on that day.

With Enoshima (Island) behind myself.

Red Lobster :)

Californian salad.

They have three different sizes of lobsters and this is the smallest one.

We asked them to grill it with spices.

They were sooooo good. Mmmmmmm!

Curry with soft shell crabs.

It was such a nice lunch!!!
We took a walk by the beach afterwards....

Coat :: Alice Ritter for NINE 
Dress :: DIESEL
Boots :: KMB
Gloves :: Sarmoneta
Bag :: Saint Laurent

Good food, nice wind and beautiful view!

It was such a nice weekend.

Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

::Gravity Free::

A Saturday at Enoshima beach :)
It's just an hour away from where I live by car.
Since I'm not really a beach person in bikini, 
beaches are not only a summer thing to me.

It was a little bit cloudy on that day 
but the sunlight coming down from the rift in the clouds was beautiful.

I love beaches nice and calm in this season.
Watching surfers waiting for waves is fascinating.

In that calmness with just the sounds of waves,
it felt like there was no gravity there.

Yes.... there was still the gravity....of course.


Take 2 in a sequence.

On the way home, 
we had Monja dinner. (What is Monja? -link to Wikipedia)
Special monja with spicy cod roe and cheese :)

and Yakisoba!


We also had the nice seaside lunch by the beach, too.
I will put up a post about it later :)

Thank you for reading.


Monday, January 26, 2015

::Luxe Sunday::

A Sunday with my favorite people!
椿山荘 (Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo) is one of luxurious hotels in Tokyo,
and also famous for nice afternoon tea.

It was my very first time at this hotel.
They have really nice Japanese style garden.
There was not many flowers in this time of a year,
but we found cherry blossom trees which will make the view more beautiful in spring.

Traditional English afternoon tea for 4 of us.

Menu list :)

They have about 15-20 different kinds of tea that you can drink as much as you like.
You can change flavors, too.
I tried mango green tea, earl grey imperial, muscat grape tea, and more..

With the great selection of tea and tasty foods, 
we lost track of time.
We spent more than 4 hours there chatting! It was a lot fun.

Lovely couple:)

It was a nice Sunday with my close friends.

We definitely should do that again :)

Thank you for reading.


Friday, January 23, 2015

::Tasty Saturday::

An ordinary Saturday in Tokyo.
We headed to Aoyama for pizza lunch at Napule
One of my favorite pizza places!

Salad with creamy mozzarella cheese :)

pizza with salsiccia and spinach


Knit :: Bershka
Jeans :: DIESEL
Shoes :: Montana
Bag :: Sophie Hulme

"Gone Girl" time later this day.
The story was a little disturbing, yet it was a good movie.
Even though it has been out for about a month,
the theater was almost full.

Quick ramen dinner on the way home.
While I was writing this post, I realized I ate too much this day....
But yes, good food makes my life better!


Thank you for reading!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

::Strawberry Cranes::

日本語ver. HERE

Cranes are symbols of good fortune.
In our culture, we use motifs of them for celebration.

This obi with red and white cranes belonged to my mother.
She sent this to me when I started wearing kimono.
I wore this obi for the New Year lunch with my relatives this year

with the same kimono I wore for my visit to a shrine (link to the post of the day)

The "YEAH" box bag by Angel Jackson

Look from behind.

To sharpen the total look, I added a bit of dark green, blue and purple.

My grandma is an expert of kimono.
She fixed the knot. I'm still not really good at it.... 

It was really nice having lunch with my relatives including my parents.
Since my grandma lives far away from Tokyo,
this yearly event is a good opportunity for me to see her and hear how she's doing.
Hope to see her soon!

Thank you for reading.