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Thursday, April 30, 2015

::Festive Look::

日本語ver. HERE
Getting inspired by celebrities' festive looks at Coachella made me wanna wear one of jumpsuits that I got a couple of months ago, to see beautiful flowers at Hitachi Seaside Park. 
(link to the previous post HERE)

Unfortunately it was a bit too cold without a jacket when we got there. 

Jumpsuit :: Line & Dot
Hat :: H&M

Bag :: Sophie Hulme

I curled my hair to make it more voluminous this day by using Nume Lustrum set.
I totally love this set of curling wands.We can't find any of these wands here in Japan.I bought them when I went to the states for New Years!

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Monday, April 27, 2015

::Colors of Nature::

日本語ver. HERE
Tulips are in full bloom here in Japan now.
We drove over to Ibaraki prefecture which is about 1-2 hours north-east from Tokyo.
Hitachi Seaside Park is run by the government.
You can go see flowers of the season through a year for only 410 yen.

I had no idea there are so many different kinds of tulips!

They are just so beautiful.
Just looking at them raises my spirit.

These unique ones are tulips as well.

After walking through this tulip garden,
another beautiful scenery of blue carpet on a hill appears.

It was breathtakingly gorgeous!

These cute blue flowers are called nemophila.

Panoramic photo taken by my iPhone :)
When you reach the top of the hill, you can see the ocean on the other side.
It is definitely better seen through your eyes than through these photo.

They have a little cafe in the woods.
It was nice taking a walk through the beautiful nature.

I would totally recommend this place for your Golden Week plans :)
(*GW is one of our holidays we have at the beginning of May in Japan.)

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Thursday, April 23, 2015


Last Saturday turned into one of most memorable days.
Family on my mother's side planned on a surprise birthday luncheon for my uncle.
We, except for my uncle, gathered at Peninsula Tokyo an hour prior to the reservation time,
and got ready for the small surprise.

The huge piece of art at the lobby.

The chandelier is gorgeous! It was my first time to visit this hotel.

For this occasion, I chose to wear my Edo-Komon (江戸小紋).
Edo-Komon is more formal than komon I wear in town like HERE and HERE.

This pattern is called "Same" or "Kawari- Same".
Same is a Japanese word for sharks.

The obi I wore this time.
Though edo-komon is very traditional, 
this obi gives the total look the modern taste.

My cousin made a reservation at the restaurant called "PETER", on the 24th floor.
This private room is named "the NEST".

Table for 12 of us :)

Around noon, my uncle came into the room with my cousins.
We pulled these crackers at him. He never expected us in the room!

The reason why his 58th birthday is special for us is,
my grandfather (his father) passed away at age of 57 for heart attack.
We all wanted to celebrate him for passing the age and wish for even happier future ahead.

The meal was awesome as well!

After dessert, my cousin who is an amazing violinist played beautiful pieces for us.

It was such a gorgeous time with my whole family I love!

The view from balcony was amazing too.

It was such a nice Saturday.
I'm so happy to have such a happy family.

We don't see each other that often but I always look forward to seeing them every time.

Happy birthday, my uncle :)

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Monday, April 20, 2015

::HOOTERS in Tokyo::

My very first time at HOOTERS!
They have 4 places in Tokyo and one in Osaka.
for details, click HERE

Hostess preparing seats for us.

It was just around quarter past 6 pm when we got there, 
so there weren't so many people inside.

The waitress who serves your table leaves her signature :)
Our waitress for this time was Samantha.

Spinach salad with prawns 
I love their honey mustard dressing.

Spicy fried chicken. Having ranch dressing with it feels I'm back in the states. 

And yes.... HOOTERS dance in Japan!!!
I've never been to one in the states, 
so I didn't realize this is only in Japan until a friend of mine in the states was surprised by it.

You can see their dance performance every hour here.

Last very fattening food of the night.
Texan burger with spiral fries.

And of course..... strawberry daiquiri has to come with it!

It was such a fun night. 
We are planning on coming back here to watch a soccer game.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

::Izu Trip:: #tbt Spring 2013

I've never posted about it, so through back to spring in 2013!
We had a trip to Izu.

Waterfalls on the way to spa area.

Hot spring spouts out from the ground.

My favorite dish in Izu, simmered red bream.

The first time I did orange picking.
Once we started picking them, we realized one orange is good enough to eat at once....
So we ended up buying a bag of them back home.

Chilling on the beach of Izu...

Private open-air bath at our hotel.

Dinner after having a great time at spa.

The view from our room was awesome :)

The day 2 at.....

Alligator and banana park.
Some parts of  a Japanese movie "Thermae Romae" was filmed here.

They have lots of red pandas there. So cute :)

We had a little tour inside their greenhouse full of beautiful flowers.

On the way home, we dropped by Jogasaki to see beautiful cliff.

I'm a bit afraid of heights so.....
this was the best I could do.

But the water was clear blue and so beautiful.

I definitely wanna visit there again.

Where should we go for a spring trip this year?

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