Monday, October 26, 2015

::Home Party Look::

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My friend was having a wine tasting party at her place last week.
I asked one of the hosts if I could join them in kimono and her answer was "Of course!!". So I did a quick change at my office after work.

Since it was a home party, I tried not to be too flashy.

I chose the very first kimono I bought last year with crane motif.

Paired with these beautiful brand new zouris. 
These straps are made of dyed deerskin.


I wore this kimono about a year ago.
The blog post about that day is HERE

The party was so much fun with tasty food.

She recently founded a company which deals with imported organic wines from South Africa.
We learned a bit about South Africa and the story behind the wines that are produced there.
Cape Town is now added to my list of the cities I want to visit someday.

She brought 12 different wines from the winery she's been working with. 
Once you know the each story of the wine, it tastes so differently. 

The party started around 7 pm and the time passed so quickly.
I met some new people there and it was so much fun.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

::Autumn Leaves::

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Before autumn leaves fall, I definitely needed to wear this kimono I wrote about in my previous post.
I was going to my friend's photo exhibition and two kimono exhibitions last weekend.
Also, I got an invitation to a musical show "Anne of Green Gables" at night so it was a perfect day to spend in kimono.

Finally got to use this collar that I bought months ago!
This piece is hand drawn so there is no exact same thing in this world.

With this obi, I feel like I became one of Ninja Turtles :P
Doesn't it look like a carapace of turtle?

I wore my favorite box bag from Angel Jackson.

I also wore this one with my voluminous skirt I got this month.
The post on that is HERE.

Because of the vivid colors of the kimono, some people who passed by gave me words of praise :)
Love the way kimonos give me chances to communicate with people I don't know yet.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

::Autumn of Good Food::

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Autumn of Good Food and Big Appetite!
I've been eating so much yummy food recently and didn't have a chance to share them here.
So here is my latest food diary.

On the first weekend of  this month, my mother and I joined a cooking lesson.
We had a Halloween themed menu that day.

Rice casserole.

Japanese style pickles.

Halloween rolled cake with pumpkin cream.

And a few days after that, I had a wonderful lunch with my bestie, Chii.

She recently came back here from Portland after studying at college for a year.
She went to the same school as mine.

Vietnamese restaurant with Halloween decoration.


Last weekend, I met up with another friend of mine who also went to the same school in Portland.
There is one of my favorite Japanese style restaurants in Shibuya, and we had traditional style lunch plates.

"Suju Dining"
They use miso paste from where I grew up.

Here you can have as much rice and miso soup as you like.
For nice and healthy lunch, this place is the best to go to.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

::Wardrobe Plans:: Kimono in Fall 2015

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Kimono season is finally here! 
Most ready-to-wear kimonos on the market have linings which are called "Awase" and usually worn between October and May. (It isn't the rule that we must follow all the time, but this is the Japanese traditional way of celebrating each season mostly on formal occasions.)
But since the weather is getting warmer year by year, it is still too hot to wear an awase in the first half of October. 
I have some kimonos and obis in my wardrobe which I have't worn even once yet!!

Here are some of those that I really wanna wear in this season.

"Oshima-Tsumugi" which belonged to my mother.
Very valuable textile made for casual kimonos. 


<Obi 1>

<Obi 2>

<Obi 3>

I definitely need to wear this one soon! Since the pattern is so autumny.
The base color looks like black in this photo but actually is dark brown. 

Another obi.

<Obi 5>

<Obi 6>

And my first own "Homongi".
"Homongi" is a formal kimono which can be worn for weddings and other formal occasions.

Hand drawn roses.

Actually I have a little more in my closet that I've never worn yet. 
Hope I have more chances to wear a kimono this season :)

Stay tuned for my new kimono looks :)

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Friday, October 9, 2015

::Five:: PFW RTW Spring 2016

My top 5 brands off the runway of Paris Fashion Week :)
Here we go!



Alexander McQueen




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