Thursday, May 7, 2015

::Formal Look:: at my friend's wedding

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My friend I've known from elementary school had a wonderful wedding last month. To celebrate his new start, I wore one of best formal kimonos that my mother wore at her wedding. 

This kimono is called "Homongi" which is known as formal dress for women and worn at celebrations. Homongi has a dramatic drawing on it and it is not interrupted by seams of fabric.

I wore the obi which was made to match this kimono for my mother.

I was amazed by how well this vivid orange of obi matched the kimono.

Zouri (shoes)

It took me a while to tie this obi since this is much longer than the obis I always wear on ordinary days. This is "Fukuro-obi" which is more than 4 meters long and worn at celebrations.

It was a beautiful sunny day and the chapel was gorgeous! I was so excited to see my friend (the broom) whom I hadn't seen in forever.

My friend walking down the stairs of the chapel with his wife and his cute baby. 

The whole party was full of love and cute surprises. I got to see our mutual friends from elementary school and it was so much fun!

Thank you for inviting me, and congratulations!

Thank you for reading.