Thursday, September 24, 2015

::Double Bun Updo::

日本語ver. HERE

Low mohawk updo for Vogue FNO :)
I wore this updo for the first time to make the total look more playful.

The post about Vogue FNO is HERE if you are interested.

For the details of this kimono look, take a look HERE.

This is super easy. 
Make a loose french braid at your clown and tie it with an elastic band. 
Split the bottom part of your hair and make two pony tails under the french braid.
Back comb the pony tails and create two messy buns.
And your done!

If you make only one pony tail under the mohawk french braid, it will look like the above.
Loosen the french braid part if you need more volume on top.

I drew stardust green eyelines to match the color of the earrings and the kimono.

Thank you for reading.