Thursday, December 15, 2016

::Hairdo Album 2016::

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The first summary blog on hairdos for this year.
I didn't do many new looks this year but tried making a couple of tutorial blogs.

Since I had bangs through out the year, it felt much easier to set up my hair.

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This pigtail flip updo is one of my favorites that I can create in like 5 mins.
I didn't uploaded a how-to blog for this kimono look but I did make a tutorial blog a little later. 

Since pigtail flip updo is super easy, I added "how to make a loose bun" to this post.

(Feb. 2016)

I love how fishtails look with super long hair like this one.

(Mar. 2016)

Dutch braid, roll into a bun like a snail, and done.

(Mar. 2016)

My favorite hairdo with easy steps.

(Apr. 2016)

Just combining two large messy buns.

(May 2016)

Advanced version of pigtail flip updo.

(Jun. 2016)

Simply two dutch braids and a bun.

(Aug. 2016)

I had my hair chopped to this length in the middle of this summer. 

Combination of pigtail flip and fishtails.

(Sep. 2016)

Here is the year 2015 version if you are interested↓

::Hairdo Album 2015::

All of the hairdos I do can be created by easy steps!
Try them for the upcoming holiday and the New Years parties!

Thank you for reading.


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