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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

::Puffy Buns::

日本語ver. → こちら

Bored with a normal bun? 
Last Sunday, I had some photos taken by a friend of mine in my favorite antique kimono. I didn't even have the collar ready until the morning of that day so there was not much time for doing my hair. 

But I wanted to make something voluminous above my nape in 5 mins.

Not too sophisticated, but not so casual either.

It is just simply two messy buns created next to each other.
Here is the vertical twin buns I did last year for Vogue FNO.
The details are posted HERE

Here is the quick tutorial of creating a bun.

So this is the finished look of the horizontal version.
To make them look messier, I teased the hair A LOT. 

From the right.
(sorry for the flyaways...)

From the left.

So simple, easy and quick!!

Think this style looks great with summer dresses, bohemian looks, and Yukata.
Give it a try :)

Thank you for reading.


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