Monday, June 20, 2016

::Crown Flip::

日本語ver. → こちら

It's not like a brand-new look I did but let me share the hairdo from the previous post :)

The full article of this look is HERE

This hairdo gives some romantic mood to your total look.

How to re-create it is almost the same with the pigtail flip updo.
Click HERE for reference :)

It just requires you to create a dutch / french / lace braid rom temple to slightly above each ear before pigtailing all of your hair for the finish look.

If you prefer having more volume on top, tease the top at first. 

Great way to sweeping your hair away from your neck line on hot days!

On the other day, I had my makeup and hair done by professionals that I've known for a while.
They do this in just like 10-15 mins. I totally love this hairdo and will try to recreate it by myself sometime!

Thank you for reading.


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