Monday, December 26, 2016

::Lookbook 2016::

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Summary post of 2016 vol. 2★
I was looking through my photo album today and realized I was basically wearing only blue and black this year.
That's probably because I spent more time on the beach during this spring and summer for surf lessons and it made me wanna wear something beachy than usual. 

Lucky I didn't get so tanned from surfing. Thank to my whitening beauty items!

My favorite chesterfield coat in powdery blue.

(Jan. 2016)

This is the dress from agris that I kinda regret not ordering at the preview event. The cutting around shoulders is so beautiful.

(Mar. 2016)

Another seasonal preview event I went to this year.

(Apr. 2016)

Got some new summery items in my wardrobe as well.

Caftan is one of the most comfortable item to wear for beach days.

(Jun. 2016)

I had these beautiful photos taken by a fashion photographer.

(Oct. 2016)

And the most recent post on my black and white look.

(Dec. 2016)

Kimono Lookbook 2016 is going to be up after the New Year★

Thank you for reading.


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