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Monday, December 12, 2016

::Fashion Vibes::

日本語ver. → こちら

Hello, everyone★
Cold weather makes me wanna buy a new coat but before that there was one kimono exhibition that I need to check, FKI Exhibition.
EKI stands for Fashion, Kimono and Ikimono (animals in Japanese).  It's been almost a year since they had their first exhibition at Isetan Shinjuku.

I sneaked out of work on the first day of the event to see their new items :)

Geometric kimono by CHOKO-san :)

Kimono robe by Agris x CHOKO.
They had the same style last time but came back with more colors, fabrics, and patterns this time.

W/ Acha-san in the matching print.
I bump into her at almost every single kimono event. She has so many inspirational cute kimono looks on her instagram. Follow her @pinkasamix !

The blog post about the same event last time is HERE

The other day, I took my friend to my other friend's place to take some personal color lesson.

I already knew that I'm SUMMER but hadn't got an hour-long lesson on personal colors.
It was lucky for me to learn some more about it through the lesson for my friend.

Personal color instructor, Keiko-san :)
She's WINTER, by the way.

Knowing your base colors definitely brightens up your style and makes your days more fun.

Otherwise....I was dressed in all WINTER colors on that day... LOL

Sweater : H&M
Skirt : Le Ciel Bleu
Earrings : SLY
Clutch Bag : Saint Laurent

Yep, and this is the stubbed burger that my friend ordered last week.....

Have a nice day!

Thank you for reading.


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