Thursday, April 14, 2016


日本語ver. → こちら

Last weekend, my friend from Kyoto came over to Tokyo.
He brought his own beautiful kimono which he hand-dyed, so we walked around in the central area of Tokyo in kimono.

Yama-sakura was still in bloom.

The kimono I found at the second-hand kimono shop.
This bakit-ish pattern looks like leopard from a distance.

Paired with this collage obi.

The collar has leopard pattern weaved. It looks really subtle from a distance but I love it.
The scarf (obi-age) also has leopard pattern printed.

Mish-mash tie.
I finally got to wear the butterfly head piece.

After lunch, we went to a museum to see the beautiful exhibition of Haute Couture.

The courtyard of the museum.

There were so many dresses to look at.
Cameras were allowed only in this room. 

Although it was a bit too late for cherry blossom viewing, there were some kinds of sakura trees and other flowers in bloom in the park called Hamarikyu.

Hamarikyu is located in the middle of concrete jungle and has beautiful Japanese style garden inside.


Yellow rape blossoms were in bloom as well.

It was still a bit chilly in the evening but the weather was good enough to walk around in kimono.

My hairdo on this day was the one I wrote about on the link below.

And here is another look with the same kimono and the same obi.

Check them out if you are interested!

Thank you for reading.


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