Monday, June 22, 2015

::Kimono Lookbook:: 2014.10 - 2016.05

日本語ver. HERE

It has been about a year since I started learning about kimono.
I'm not taking any lessons now but trying to wear a kimono at least twice a month so that I won't forget how to wear it. 
I looked into my photo albums and found out I've worn 15 times since October, 2014. 
Here are some of my favorite looks with back number links to the blog posts.

My very first day in kimono without any help. 
I remember taking over an hour to dress myself that day. → Happy Kimono Day (Oct. 2014) 

KYOTO. Walking around the city in my own kimono was one of my goals I set when started taking lessons. The city was beautiful with full of red leaves then. 
Antique Look & Kyoto Day 1 (Nov. 2014)

The end of 2014. At one of most popular temples in Tokyo, Sensoji-Temple.
Holiday Look at Senso-ji (Dec. 2014)

My first look in 2015! I visited Meiji-Jingu Shrine in my favorite omeshi.
Celebrating a New Year (Jan. 2015)

Look 2 in January, 2015. I wore an obi with motif of cranes as a symbol of celebration. 
Strawberry Cranes (Jan. 2015)

A casual look for Valentine's day shopping with my mother's komon.
Shared Wardrobe (Feb. 2015)

Chemical colored kimono for a shopping day at kimono market. 
Color Jungle (Mar. 2015)

Quick transformation trial for my friend's wedding party. 
I tried changing myself into this kimono without a mirror in 30 mins, and I DID IT!!!!
Mandarine Orange (Mar. 2015)

Walking in a modernized city in Japanese traditional fashion.
Pineapple & Roses (Mar. 2015)

SAKURA. The first week of April is so beautiful everywhere with cherry blossoms.
I took a SAKURA seeing tour in Tokyo in omeshi.
Something PinkSakura Scenery (Apr. 2015)

One day in a semi-formal kimono for the family luncheon at Peninsula Tokyo.
My family on my mother's side gathered for my uncle's birthday.
NEST (Apr. 2015)

A formal look borrowed from my mother for my friend's wedding ceremony.
Formal Look (Apr. 2015)

And my latest look in a hitoe omeshi. → Digital Look (May. 2015)

Since I don't have a summer kimono or many yukatas, probably I won't be posting many kimono looks here until the end of summer. 
But summer is when more of those who usually don't wear kimonos tend to wear yukatas for festivals and firework shows. I'm so excited to go out in a yukata with my friends!
Need to plan something with them soon!

Thank you for reading.