Monday, June 8, 2015

::1/25 Scale:: miniature world heritage

日本語ver. HERE

Have you seen the Eiffel tower right behind the Notre-dame????? 
If you know the actual locations of them, you can tell this photo is not taken in Paris. But doesn't it look so real?
After 30 mins ride of the boat on the river in Nikko, we decided to drop by Tobu World Square on the way back home. It is an architectural museum with 102 globally famous buildings on 1/25 scale. It was so much more interesting than I expected!

House of Parliament in Tokyo.

Tokyo Sky Tree. The tallest tower in Japan.

Tokyo station. Look at the crowd!! It looks soooo real!! 

Me, trying to pick up the air plane in front of Narita airport.
And... yes, Tokyo Tower.

Not only the buildings in Japan, there are a lot of famous architectures all over the world.
My world tour begins from......Egypt!!!

Three pyramids and the sphinx.

The acropolis of Athens.

It was soooo fun taking photos. You definitely need a camera to come here!!

And this is the Notre-Dame and the Eiffel Tower of Paris.
I was so amazed how well the details are reproduced!! Colors, materials, sculptures, and etc....

Sagrada Familia in Spain.
I've never been there and didn't know it is like.....

this from behind!!

Westminster Abbey in the UK.

I've been there last year.

This is a photo of the real one that I took there. 

The Great Wall of China.
It looks even more real with the green around it.

Oh! I think I found something..... if you take a closer look.....

The main characters of "Annals of Three Kingdoms", the famous historical story of China, are walking on it! I found some more like this in the other area in the park. 

There are also more historic sites in Japan like this one.

I spent about an hour looking at these reproduced architectures from all over the world. It was like a virtual experience of a world tour. I'm glad the weather was so nice on that day.

Thank you for reading.