Wednesday, November 19, 2014

::Kyoto Day 1::

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Last weekend, we were in Kyoto.
It'd been almost 16 years since I went there last.
At this time of a year, Kyoto is even more beautiful with red leaves everywhere.
My first little dream after learning about kimono was
taking a walk there in it.

We took a super early train from Tokyo around 6:30am (which was delayed....)
and headed to our hotel for a quick change
(which is not so quick and took about an hour).

Autumn decoration at the entrance of our hotel.
Right after changing, took a taxi to the most famous place in Kyoto.

walking towards the temple

view from the entrance area of the temple.

purifying my hands before letting myself pass through the gate.

on top of "Butai" (Kiyomizu Stage)
Leaves were actually more yellow than red at this time. 
But the view from here was so beautiful.

"Butai" (Kiyomizu Stage)
It looked the most beautiful from this point on the way back from the temple.

Little old town near Kiyomizu-dera.
There are so many small stores you can shop in this area,
and it was fun just looking around here.

They have name tags on their tails. Cute :)

We had vegetable tempra for lunch.

Waiting for our seats for a quick tea break.

green tea and Warabi-mochi
Think this is the best Warabi-mochi that I've ever had.

Next stop at Ginkaku-ji Temple with beautiful sand garden.

Couldn't help craving for dango.... 

We took a taxi ride to Gion area which is famous as the area of Ochaya (tea houses)
where you can meet Maiko, Geisha, and Geiko.

famous oil remover paper :)

I found a nice store of wrapping cloths.
Guess which one I got?

To be continued to Day 2.....