Friday, August 29, 2014


HANABI is what we need for summer in Japan.
from around the end of June to mid September,
I hear people going to see fireworks festivals everywhere.
Last weekend, they had one of the biggest fireworks ceremony in Tokyo in my neighborhood.
I invited my friends to see it together.

I was holding a can of beer in my hand to drink during the ceremony,
but my eyes were stuck with the beautiful artworks in the sky for the whole hour,
and couldn't finish it.

I didn't know we could see it this close.
We felt cinders falling onto our heads.

These incredible artworks went on for an hour.

I think I was most excited in this summer.
It was just beautiful and made me love summer in Japan even more.

My friends were amazed too and we promised to come here again next year.

Summer is almost over,
I will miss you, summer.

Thank you for reading.