Monday, August 18, 2014

::Spa Trip Day 2:: Art of Food

The beauty of Japanese cuisine.
Our culture value the enjoyment of four different seasons.
Dinner at our hotel was amazing.

Love this choice of plates with a variety of summer veggies.

Hand written menu with a chief chef's signature.

I ordered Sake made in this area.

Jellied sea urchin and veggies.


Sake tastes even better after bathing in hot spring.

We couldn't finish the whole course so they made the last dish into rice balls for later.

Day 2 :))
I woke up with this view.
Mt. Fuji was supposed to be showing... but it didn't come out because of the typhoon.

Japanese style breakfast was also amazing :)

I couldn't move after having such great food.... :)

Thank you for reading.