Monday, August 4, 2014

::Yukata Weekend:: Sunday on a Boat

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Sunday, I had a wonderful time with my besties :)
We all wore yukata to have a ride on a huge party ferry at night.

My friend came over to my place,
and I helped her wear kimono and did her hair.

Chose different Obi this time.

What I love about kimono is that we can wear many colors & patterns at once.
Doesn't she look really nice :)

My favorite couple joined us at the port.

They announced that 1,800 people got on the same ferry this day.
It was really crowded!

Rainbow bridge.
Tokyo bay area is lit up beautifully at night.

Fuji television.
The inside of the ferry was crazy busy like a night club.
They offer all-you-can-drink beer.
It was nice to feel the ocean breeze and have fun with my close friends.

You can ride on this ferry until the end of September.
If you have a chance, this is a nice way to spend a night with great view.

Thank you for reading.