Wednesday, August 27, 2014

::Good Luck::

日本語ver. HERE

Last Friday, a friend of mine left for the states to study English 
at the same college I went to.
After seeing her off at Narita airport with her family, 
I dropped by Narita Temple to pray for her challenging and successful year in a new environment.
Narita Temple is crazy crowded for new years,
there were just a few people visiting here because it was a weekday afternoon.

The entrance.

Old street.

Stairs to the main temple.

Straw sandals :))

It was so hot to explore all the area of the temple.
The whole entire area looks really peaceful and calm.
I now know why all the people come here for new years.

Here is the link to Narita temple's HP↓(in English)

Thank you for reading.