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Friday, August 15, 2014

::Spa Trip day 1:: Nishi-Izu

Last weekend, although another big storm was going to hit,
we went for a spa trip in Nishi-Izu.
Nishi-Izu is about 3 and a half hour drive from Tokyo w/o any traffic. 
You can enjoy hot springs and delicious sea food in this area.

On the way there we stopped by a temple called "Shuzen-ji".
This place is famous for this great view of green and a river.

This place must be even more beautiful in autumn with red leaves.
It felt much cooler with the sound of stream.

This day, I was wearing
Stone Cold Fox dress, Le Ciel Bleu bra top, Ash Quantum sandals, 
Chanel sunglasses, de couture bag.

They had a little bamboo stage in the middle of bamboo forest.

This place was used to be a gold mine.
We could go inside and learn about how they dug gold.

250 KG gold!

If you come here, fresh fishes are must-have!
I loooooove this stewed red bream.

Sunflowers were in full bloom on the way to our hotel.

Japanese style hotel room.

with private bath with ocean view.

to be continued.....