Wednesday, August 6, 2014

::Hairdos for Kimono::

日本語ver. HERE

Here are some haidos I did for Kimono look.
When you wear kimono, it is better that your neck is showing since most of your body is covered.

Style 1::
Make a low bun and a braid in front of each ear.
Cross two braids above the bun and tuck the ends at the bottle of bun.

Style 2::
Split your hair in half and make french braid on each side.
Tie those ends behind and pin in place.

This is the hairdo I did for my friend.

Back comb hair at crown and make a bump.
Make a low bun with a braid.
Braid the hair on each side in front of ear and cross them above the bun.
Tuck in the ends at the bottom of the bun.

These updos definitely look good with a formal dress.
Style 1 & 2 are easy to do by yourself!
Please try them :)

Thank you for reading.